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This unit revolves around pronunciation and phonology. Pronunciation is often neglected when teaching; rhythm, stress and intonations of words and sentences is often too. Phonology breaks down a language in sounds, which can then be written with the international phonetic alphabet. Each sound has it own phoneme (symbol), and therefore pronunciation. This allow the teacher and the students to focus on how different sounds are pronounced, but not written. This unit also talks about the different kinds of sounds, with the manner and place of articulation. For example, the sound /b/ is a plosive (sudden release of build up air in the mouth), bilabial (to produce the sound /b/, we use both lips), and it’s voiced (we vibrate our vocal cords). The place of articulation depends more on what part of the mouth we use (dental if use our teeth, velar if it’s in the very back of our mouth, etc.); and the manner of articulation depends on how the sounds is made (nasal if the mouth is closed, etc.). Unit 13 also deals with stress and intonation, which are used to convey the message of the sentence. A rise-fall pattern is normally used and signify that we’re finished. A fall-rise pattern indicates we want an immediate responds. A flat pattern indicates we’re not interested in what is said.