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This unit gives information about evaluation and testing. Checking students level of English at the commencement and after that what progress is shown by the students and where student and teacher needs to work on, all this information is gathered by evaluation and testing. when all this information is passed to the students it gives a proper idea to the student for their level and progress made. it can be done by tutorials ,by the students, and through test. Tutorials can be conducted with individual student or a group of student.but it is difficult to conduct it after every lesson so can be done weekly as discussions , talking about worksheets and also the and level of English achieved . Evaluation by the student is done by a better way of checking students progress by group discussions and questionnaire. this method promotes genuine interaction,confidence,and awareness . Test are used to check the progress of the students at different level. There are different kinds of test involved in teaching and learning process. Placement test- For the students of language class to make groups and check their grammar and vocabulary many schools conduct theses test in multiple choice format .and speaking and listening by personal interviews. Progress test- These test are useful in checking students progress during the course. what information have been retained and hat is forgotten.it helps students to work on the areas which they find difficult and also the forgotten one. These test include involvement of all the four skills as well as grammar covered in the syllabus. These test only cover the topic taught in the class. Diagnostic test - These test diagnose the problem areas of the students.as well state the level of student to place them a what level in the language school. They are given at the start of the course. Practice test- These test are for the preparation of external examination and always follow a given pattern. some of the external examination of English language used by certain native speaking countries. IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, KET. PET, ESOL AND MANY MORE.