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This unit is giving information about types of classes and students a teacher has to go through in his or her teaching career.starting with beginners group, there are different categories of this group and student can fall in more than one category. absolute beginner false beginner the adult beginner the young beginner the beginner without roman alphabet teaching these students requires special skills,and psychology. with experience teachers get used to of problems and their solutions during the teaching process.for teachers to Keep instructions clear and simple,Let them listen first, Drill, repeat, drill,repeat, are very important part of teaching process. Teaching individual students is also recent demand in EFL industry. one-to-one classes are very much in demand specially in business world. it has many advantages also like no mixed level, developing a close relationship between teacher and the student, usually highly motivated students. some of the disadvantages are like no classroom dynamics, not all the activities are possible as can be done with group of students, less formal relation. some of the activities can be done in one to one class are like short stories, horoscope, idoms, discuss relevant topics, news topics,goal oriented activities,postcard, and many more . Teaching children one of the most liked and rewarding of all other processes. children posses an inner quality of learning new things and knowing new things.. curiosity factor . which keeps them motivated .but as known children have a very short span of concentration level so they get easily bored. to keep them motivated its important to do new activities, give each one of them equal importance as well as timely appreciation.wit children in the classroom its important to do lots of repetition ,clear and slower delivery of language, including fun activities in the class use of higher pitch and exaggerated intonations. during this process classroom management and keeping discipline n the class is also important. the behavior and attitude of teacher in the class is very important factor in maintaining discipline. Business English or English for specific purpose is teaching English to business people.Many teachers of English as a foreign language feel intimidated by the prospect of teaching business English. This often stems from the perception that teaching business English is the same thing as teaching business studies. In fact, it's more about helping learners develop their English skills for use in a business context. some useful tips before starting = Find out what students really want to achieve Get a clear idea about the contexts in which learners use English Be business like but keep energy levels high. Be flexible and try to anticipate problems. multilingual and monolingual students= students with different nationalities,and with different mother tongue. mostly found in countries where English is native language and students come for specific purpose. students are highly motivated and also have only option of talking is English with other students. where as monolingual class take place in student home country, and can not offer the same advantage as multilingual can.but some of the benefits are like similar cultural background so the teacher has variety of topics to discuss in the class, same kind of difficulties in English learning. to get the best results is teacher should avoid the usage of mother tongue in the classroom. but some point of time it can be allowed to save some time and also give a relaxed environment to the students . moving according to student pace and ability is very important .