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In this study unit the main topics regard the teacher, the learners, language levels, and motivation. We discussed the qualities of a good teachers as well as the various roles a teacher assumes within the classroom. Good teacher qualities are necessary to ensure a good relationship between the teacher and learners, which will also add to the teaching and learning experience. The various roles a teacher assumes within the classroom throughout the day is greatly determined by the lesson/ activities planned, as well as by the students. Thus the teachers awareness of their learners abilities will also determine which teacher role or roles will be more dominant throughout the lesson. A balanced combination and application of the teacher roles will help ensure a successful lesson. We also discussed 'what makes a good learner' and the various factors/ differences between learners (Adult Learners and Young Learners) that attribute to their success in learning a foreign language. These factors have an influence on the teaching and learning experience and will also determine how the teacher will proceed with or conduct a lesson - giving special attention where needed. We further discussed the various language levels that can be found among learners, how progress can be noticed within each level as well as the challenges teacher face and the difficulty for higher level students to further depend their language understanding. Finally we considered the various motivational reasons why learners/ adults studying a foreign language and the importance of motivation in studying a foreign language. Personally I feel that I have obtained a greater insight into the what makes a good teacher and the various roles a teacher assumes with the classroom. This then furthers my understanding into what makes a good learner, or more how I can help shape my learners into good learners. This unit has also furthered my understanding of the various language levels and the challenges the teacher and learner faces within each level. Lastly I have also realised the importance of intrinsic motivation and the importance of being an encouraging, caring and understanding teacher to further assist my learners and enhance learning experience.