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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

In my opinion lesson, two was more effective than lesson one. First of all, lesson two was clearly more structured and well-prepared than lesson one. The teacher was very engaging in lesson two. The teacher was also very encouraging in lesson two. In lesson one, the teacher instruction was not clear and he did not speak slowly and clearly in lesson one, neither did he smile. The teacher was not enthusiastic in lesson one. In lesson two the teacher introduces his name to the class and also writing it on the board. The teacher provides each student with papers and asks each student to write their name on pace on the desk. He addresses each person by their name in lesson two. The teacher instruction was very clear and detail in lesson two. The teacher engages each student in all the activity in lesson two. The teacher elicits as much information from the students about animals what it can and can’t do. The teacher adds visual interest to bring across the lesson. The use mimes to make the lesson more interesting and thus increases the student’s language ability. In lesson one there was no visual interest. The lesson was very boring and confuse in lesson one. In lesson two there are many students to student’s interaction and also teachers to student’s interaction, whereas, in lesson hardly any student’s interaction, it was more the teacher talking and less student’s interaction. In lesson two the teacher gave clear instruction before giving out the worksheet. The teacher also put students to work in pairs to get students to students’ interaction. In the activate stage have lesson two the teacher gave clear instruction with the use of example, by showing the class a picture of his animal and what his animal can and can’t do. The teacher puts students in the pair to complete the activity. The teacher allows students to complete the activity without any interruption on like lesson one where the teacher keeps talking while the students work. The teacher gave feedback to students and from students in the activate stage. The teacher praises the students when they got the answer correct in lesson two and also explain if they got it wrong with the demonstration. Finally, the teacher uses a lot of drilling in lesson two to reinforce pronunciation and understanding and the teacher smile throughout the lesson in the lesson two.