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In this unit several methodologies to teach English have been presented. Some are very old and used for centuries, others are relatively new. Each emphasis on certain points of language and has positive and negative points that are briefly discussed. Some are focused on communicative parts of a language in the process of teaching, while others are more lexical-centered. Some tend to provide relaxing environment, claiming that lowering stress level increases the learning ability and some incorporate tools and gadgets to conduct the study. ESA methodology is introduced as the core methodology of EFL. it consists of all the valuable and positive points of other methodologies. ESA starts with Engage phase trying to engage students as much as possible then leads to Study phase where the main teaching of the language point happens, it is then followed by Activate stage where students are encouraged to use whatever they learnt and whatever they know. Several techniques on how to approach each stage are also explained in this unit. Personally, i believe ESA is an inclusive methodology that has borrowed positive points of other methodologies. It emphasis on Engaging students to relieve their tension as it is proposed by Suggestopedia. Communicative Language Teaching and Community Language Learning have both encouraged ESA to emphasis on communication and fluent usage of language specially in Activate phase. Like Audi-Lingualism, ESA uses pronunciation drills in Study stage and like PPP it encourage production at Activate phase.