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Classroom management depends entirely on how capable the teacher is. For a class to be effective, teachers need to find a balance between being firm and allowing freedom to the students. In Unit 5 we learn about some of the tools and techniques that are/can be utilized for an effective lesson. Eye contact, gesture, voice, grouping students in pairs, groups and on their own. It is important for a teacher to understand all the pros and cons of these factors and plan his/her lesson accordingly.?This unit also shares the importance of Classroom Management and how things like space availability, types of chairs and tables, age of the students, nationality and students personality will affect the way you arrange the classroom. There are also many other factors that will affect your final decision. Questions like how will the size of the group affect the arrangements, which one is the most suitable for students to communicate and how will it affect the classroom atmosphere, etc. There are several arrangements we can choose from including Orderly Rows, Circles and Horseshoes, Separate Tables and the Teachers Position. There are also guidelines for teachers’ position for the following lesson stages. For language presentation, it is best that the teacher stands and presents the lesson. For activate stage, the teacher should relax control completely and be available if needed. We also learn about the advantages/disadvantages of Teacher Talking time, how exposure of the language is a vital component and therefore the need of TTT however too much of it is also not desirable. Teachers can avoid unnecessary TTT by keeping it simple, using pictures, mime and gestures, etc.?One of the aspects of managing the classroom is discipline. To avoid disorder in a classroom, a teacher must first understand why its happening. Is it boredom? Peer pressure, lack of respect or something else. Once he/she identifies the cause it becomes easy to tackle it suitably.