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Grammar is something that we use in our daily life without even knowing why have we used a particular word or why is it in that particular order. But if you are planning to teach English its very important to understand how and why these words are used. Normally a sentence consist of a Subject + Verb. But if you read a normal sentence consist not just subject and verb but much more words added to it.Each word in a sentence can be further classified according its purpuse and meaning it adds.This is what we refer as "Parts of speech" There are eight main parts of speech :noun,adjectives,articles,verbs,adverbs,gerunds,pronoun and preposition/conjunction. Noun:Name of a person ,place,thing or Idea. further classified into common ,proper,compound,abstract and collective nouns Adjectives:Describes,modifies or gives more information about a noun or pronoun. It can be comparative or Superlative. Article:Words A,An and The are articles. The use of articles mainly depend upon weather you are refering to member or a group.A and An are indefinite article and the is definite article. Verbs:It shows an action or state of being. The verb that is followed directly by an object is called transitive verb and the verb that cannot be followed directly by an object is called intransitive verb. Adverb:It modifies a verb,an adjective or any other adverb.There are main five types of adverb:manner,place,time,frequency and degree. Gerunds:they are the-ing form of verbs used as is used in the same way as nouns. Pronoun:they are words use insted of noun. They are further classified into personal ,possessive,reflexive and relative. Possesive pronoun is normally confused with possesive adjective.Posesive pronoun replaces the noun while possesive adjective describes them. Preposition/Conjuction:Preposition shows the relationshipof a noun or a pronounto another word.There are three types of prepositions:time/date,movement and place/position. Conjuctions joins word or groups in a sentence.They can either join words of same class or join clauses of sentences. once you study the above parts of speech you are able to classify which word can be classified under which group and where it is positioned.