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For teaching English one has to understand the methods in which different levels of students can be thought. Depending upon the situation the teacher needs to decide to use a single method or combine two or more. Some methods of teaching are: Grammar-Translation Audio-Lingualism Presentation,Practice and Production Task based learning Communicative language teaching Community language learning The silent way Suggestopaedia The Lexical approch All methods have its pluse and minuses,but certain things should be taken into consideration such as students exposure to the language,amount of input student need from teacher,low anxietyand stress for effective learningand encourougement for learning new language. one method which is very much used in current studies is ENGAGE STUDY AND ACTIVATE METHOD.Elicitation is auseful componet of this method.Elicitation techniques are strategies used by teachers to get learner to respond.some of this techniques are real object,flashcards,drawings,ask for question,gap-fill,list,follow-on questions,concept descriptions. All ESA lessons should comprise of following components Engage:in this stage yu ensure that every student speaks some english.Student shoul not be corrected at this stage.the main aim is to have student high talk time.Some activities that can be done in this stage are introduction prompts,partner information share,fizz-buzz,sevens,I spy,memory gameword linking,the box game etc. Study:During this stage student should learn new English language concept.Elicit as much as possible.When you do a exercise always do an example on board.once an exercise is handed to student do not interrupt.this stage usually starts with elicitation.It includes Elicitation,pronunciation,spelling,meaning,word order and analysis. Activate:In this stage students are encourage to use any or all language that they know.The focus is more on fluency then accuracy. A very clear demonstration is essential as is the elicitation of target language needed to complete the activity. Role-play,survey and mill -drills,producing material,communication games Debate,story building are some idea for activate phase. All this three elements ESA needs to be present in most of lesson to provide a balance range of activities for students.The order of occurence has not to be specific but all lessons should start with Engage stage and end with Activate stage. According to their occurence are grouped into: Stright Arrow ESA lessons:Engage-->Study-->Activate. Boomerang ESA lessons:Engage-->Activate1-->Study-->Activate2. Patchwork ESA lessons:Engagge--.Study-->Engage-->Activate-->Study-->Activate. Patchwork lessons can have as manr engage ,study anf activate in any order as long as the lesson startts with Engage and ends with Activate stage. At the end of the lecture giving feedback is very important as it encourages self awarness and improvement in students and helps the teacher know if the lesson has been understood and if further clarification is needed. The ability to correct takes time and experienceto perfect.It is important to praise a student equally as to correct him.Correction can be self correction or Student-Student correction or Teacher-Student correction.