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There are in total 12 tenses, this unit covers the most common one called Present Tense and its four sub categories. Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous. For the subject I/you/we/they the pattern is fairly simple. Subject + base form (s) + the rest of the sentence. However, for He/she/it, there are several other patterns. For example, if the verb ends in ch, sh, z, s then es is added, if the verb ends in a consonant and a y, the y is dropped to introduce i and es is added. There are also some rules when you use the present simple tense in a negative form. In that we simply add not with the auxiliary verb. Moving on to present continuous, we further discuss how it is made, which is from the present tense of the verb be and the ing form of a verb. E.g I am writing. We use present continuous to talk about activities at the moment of speaking, about a temporary action that is not necessarily in progress and to emphasize frequents etc. There are also some rules mentioned in the present continuous chapter e.g for Affirmative sentences you form the present continuous sentence using this pattern (Subject + aux.verb be +verb+ing). For Negative (Subject +aux. verb ‘be’ +not + verb+ing) and for question (aux.verb be +subject +verb +ing). This unit shares a detailed study of the tenses and also covers their usage, form, errors made my student and activate stage teaching ideas. A great resource to have for future classes.