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Speaking and writing are the most important productive skills used for communication. In many ways writing is the most difficult skill,requiring a greater degree of accuracy.Speaking on the other hand, requires a greater degree of fluency as the speaker will rarely have time to think and plan an answer. Accuracy and fluency carry equal importance.Accuracy activities are concentrated on producing correct language.Fluency activities are concentrated on allowing the students to experiment and be creative with the language. Pair work, group work,fluency activities, purposeful speaking activities, careful planning are some of the activities to be used to encourage student speaking(interaction).A straight arrow ESA lesson can also be used for creative speaking. Handwriting is very much a personal issue,but a good handwriting always gives a positive impression about the writer.A poor handwriting may influence the reader in a negative way and so the teacher should always encourage the students to improve it. Spelling in English is made very difficult by the fact that many words that are pronounced the same are written differently (waist/waste) and some words are written the same but pronounced differently. Spelling differences between British English and American English don't exactly help either(colour/color).One of the best ways to help students with spelling is through extensive reading. Creative writing should be encouraged, as it engages the students and the finished work usually provides them with a sense of pride.Typical creative writing tasks may include poetry,stories and plays.