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 Just like unit 4 which elaborated English tenses ( preset tense ) , this Unit also gives an elaborate knowledge on another tense Past tense .The simple past tense form for regular verbs: (add -ed/-d the base form of the verb) for the affirmative form , ( add "did not" or "didn`t" before the base form ) for the negative form and ( add "did"plus subject before the base form ) for the question form .As for the irregular verbs there is no rule for their formation .The simple past tense can be use to for past action when the time is given , when the time is asked about ,when the action actually took place at a definite time even though the time is not mentioned etc .Also the past continuous tense which is the past tense of the auxiliary verb be (was /were )+the present participle (verb+ing) with the affirmative form (subject +was/were +verb+ing) , Negative form( subject+was/were +not verb+ing) and the question form ( was/were+subject +verb+ing).The past continuous tense can use for interrupted past actions ,used without a time expression can indicate gradual development that took place in the past etc . While the past perfect can be use as the past equivalent of the present perfect and the affirmative form is formed by ( subject +had+past participle) , Negative form(subject +had+not+ past participle ) and the question form(had+subject+past participle). More so, the past perfect continuous tense which isn`t the most frequently used or taught tense in English has one use which is to talk about longer actions or situations in the past that had been going on continuously up to the past moment that we are thinking about with the affirmative form (subject +had+been+verb+ing), Negative form ( subject+had+not+been+verb+ing),and question form ( had+subject+been+verb+ing).With the knowledge of the formation and usage of the past tenses teaching it will more effective .