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classroom management is the skill of organizing and managing the the class , having a friendly , relaxed manner and maintaining discipline in the classroom . Thus in this unit i have learnt the different ways to make a lesson to be more effective through classroom management.For example . eye contact is very important in a classroom to establish rapport with the students .therefore eye contact can be used in a classroom to show the students that they are all involved in the lesson , to ensure that students understand what they are suppose to do and what is going on etc .Also , gesture can also be used and a good gesture can be effective and useful to convey the meaning of the language ,manage the class ,to add visual interest etc .In addition, the voice and using students`names is very important too.  More so , grouping students is another way of managing a classroom , students can be group in the following ways : whole class grouping ,students working on their own ,pair work .It worth noting that grouping students also has his pros and cons (give students safe environment to try ideas before sharing with the group (pair work), restricts possibilities for student to student interaction and group belonging (students working by their own) etc . Furthermore, classroom arrangement can also help to manage a classroom but it depends on space available ,types of chairs and tables ,age of students etc .So the classroom can be arranged for example (orderly rows, circles and horses shoes , separate tables etc and most importantly the teacher`s position . Other include writing on the board ,giving individual attention ,teacher talking time and student talking time ,giving instructions and this can be done by ( using simple language ,being consistent ,using visual clues etc),establishing rapport through (getting students to help each other ,let students correct each other ,don not let individual students dominate the group or (yourself) etc ), maintaining discipline which depends on the following factors ( age ,class size ,reasons for learning (motivation) etc . Using the above i think my lesson will be super .