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The TEFL approach combines aspects of multiple methodologies, but is aimed at maximizing the the use of language by students. Additionally, elicitation, or prompting the student to volunteer as much knowledge of the language as possible, is a key component. The basic layout of the TEFL approach is Engage-Study-Activate. These stages can be reorganized (i.e. the "Boomerang" or "Patchwork" method), depended on the goal and content of the lesson, and level of the learner. The Engage and Activate stages of the lesson are less focused on accuracy and more on fluency and language use. As such, focus is more on the students than the teacher. During the Study stage though, it is important to clearly elucidate whatever grammar point is to be covered. The teacher will provide instruction and then lead the class through group drilling exercises. More than the other stages, the teacher may engage in language correction more often, so that the student better understands the content. The teacher will also provide direct feedback during this stage. It is important that correction be made sensitively, and the teacher needs to always promote a positive, encouraging atmosphere. Additionally, the student needs to have an opportunity to correct themselves, and if this is not possible, then other students should first attempt to help. Only lastly should the teacher rely on themselves to make student correction, and in doing so, always stay positive. There are numerous strategies available for each of the stages of instruction. Study-stage may be most challenging in keeping students engaged, as the focus is turned toward the teacher. The other stages are naturally game or creativity-oriented; perhaps the key to a successful Study-stage is in continuing the spirit of the game (whilst explaining the grammatical "rules" of said game).