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This unit elaborates on the parts of speech . Reading through this unit I have learnt alot on the various parts of speech ( that is kinds , usage etc) .I leanrt that teaching grammar will be very easier if we know which part of speech one is using to teach. For example a NOUN is the name of a person , animals , places , thimgs , qualities states .And can be divided into ( proper, commoun , compound abstract , countable and uncountable nouns etc ).Also formation of nouns from singualr to plural .Furthermore in this unit i learnt that Adjectives are used to describe nouns and things and can be use to be compare two people or things (comparative) and more people or things ( superlatives) taking note that their formation differs depending on the adjectives one is using for comparison. Moreso , Articles are not left out .TWo articles (definite"the" and indefinite article 'a" "an".the rules for the usage of indefinite article. Again ,Verbs as "doing" words are treated in this unit.I learnt that we have transitive verb is a verb that is followed directly by an object and an intransitive verb is that verb which cannot be directly followed by an object .Verbs can be regular and irregular . Moreso , Abverbs are not left out with the following types ( manner ,place , time degree and frequency). Other parts of speech in this unit include Pronouns which are words that are used instead of a noun and can be personal , possessive , reflexive etc . finally prepositions , gerund , conjunction .