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In unit 6 The Past Tenses I learn't that there are four past tenses, and nine ways in which to use them. Learning how to understand these tenses and their uses will help with reading,speaking, listening and writing. 1. Simple Past: Actions completed in the past, e.g: The scientists conducted an experiment. They thought the experiment would prove their theory. 2. Past Continuous: Describes a past action that hasn't been completed yet. e,g: I was trying to fix the car this morning, but I’m not done with the repairs yet. At 11pm, I was still working on my homework. 3. Past Perfect: when describing a series of actions, use past perfect to describe the action that happened first e.g: I had gone home; then I read a book and fell asleep. 4. Past Perfect Continuous: Describing an action that began further in the past than other actions, but overlaps with actions that began later. e.g: He had been driving in his car for more than two hours, but then he stopped to rest. She said she had been teaching at Harvard, but she retired.