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Modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. Modal auxiliary verbs such as will, shall, may, might, can, could, must, ought to, should, would, used to, have to, have got to, need are used in conjunction with main verbsto express shades of time and mood. The combination of helping verbs with main verbs creates what are called verb phrases. A modal verb: this is a type of verb that is used to indicate modality – that is: Advice, possibility, ability, permission and obligation. Examples include the English verbs can/could, may/might, must, will/would and shall/should. Advice > You should see a doctor about about that. Possibility > I might go shopping tomorrow. Ability > I can speak six languages Permission > You may leave now Obligation > I really must go now, my friends expecting me The passive voice: is used to show interest in the person or object that experiences an action rather than the person or object that performs the action. EXAMPLES ? The passive voice is used frequently. (= we are interested in the passive voice, not in who uses it.) ? The house was built in 1654. (= we are interested in the house, not in who built it.) ? The road is being repaired. (= we are interested in the road, not in the people who are doing the repairs.) Phrasal verbs > A phrasal verb is a combination of words (a verb + a preposition or verb +adverb) that when used together, usually take on a different meaning to that of the original verb. There are three basic types of phrasal verbs: 1. Type 1 – Intransitive 2. Type 2 – transitive separable 3. Type 3 – Transitive inseparable