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This unit covers the advantages and disadvantages of course books and other materials that a teacher might use in a lesson. It begins with a discussion of authentic materials - these are any materials that a native speaker might hear or read, including newspapers, podcasts, or even menus. The advantage of authentic materials is that they are real and therefore more interesting, they help give students confidence and they can focused towards particular students needs. The disadvantage is that they can be hard to tailor strictly to a lesson's needs. The unit then moves onto created materials -anything a teacher might create his or herself to be used in a lesson. These can include material like crosswords or word searches.The advantage of this material is that it can be easily directed by the teacher to focus on a particular lesson topic -for instance animal vocabulary - with a crossword focused on this topic. The unit provides a number of samples of created materials. Finally the unit discusses the pros and cons of course books and the material that comes with them. The advantages of course books are that they tend to provide a balanced mix in the lessons - mixing vocab and grammar but also providing exercises that practice both productive and receptive skills; listening, speaking, writing and reading all connected into a pre-set theme. On of the disadvantages is that they can be too generalised and don't cater for specific problems faced by specific groups of students. The unit concludes by arguing that course books shouldn't be used for the whole lesson. A teacher needs to find a balance in his or her lesson between material from a course book and material created specifically for the students' needs.