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Teaching productive skills:speaking and writing. While speaking and writing are substantially different in many ways,they both are used for the same purpose:to communicate. When two or more people are communicating with each other,we can be sure that they are doing so for one of the following reasons: -they have some communicative purpose -they want to say something -they want to listen to something -they are interested in what is being said. Accuracy activities are concentrated on producing correct language. Fluency activities are concentrated on allowing the students to experiment and be creative with language. Speaking activities in the classroom: Controlled activities:drilling,prompting Guided activities:model dialogues,guided role-play Creative communication:free role-play,discussions,debates,information gap,simulations,communication games Writing skills Written text has quite a number of differences which separates it from speaking.Not only are there differences in grammar,vocabulary but also in spelling,handwriting,layout and punctuation. In this unit I have learnt about the importance of productive skills.