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I learned that pronunciation tends to concentrate on individual sounds and that it is one of the most neglected aspects of learning English. To be an effective teacher, pronunciation needs to be a taught as fundamental part of a course. Stressing words can change the meaning of them. I learned about the definition of Phonology, and also intonation, stress, and articulation. I found it fascinating that intonation carries the message within a sentence (questioning, agreeing, disagreeing, expressing emotions, etc) via the variation of volume and pitch, whereas stress is concerned with Individual words. The normative pattern of intonation is the rise/fall pattern but the other patterns all mean things, and intonation is useful because it warns us of forthcoming information. I enjoy the idea of getting my students to pronounce nonsense words to convey an emotion. Get the students to speak with EXPRESSION like drama teachers get students to ACT or SING with it! You can also explain the concept of intonation via lines on the blackboard, gestures, or song. Stressing each separate word in the sentence, ''He did not mean to kick that dog'' drastically changes the meaning of the sentence. There can only be one primary stress in each word (unless it is a long word) and syllables can only be stressed, not vowels or consonants. A BASIC RULE IS THAT ONLY THE SYLLABLES IN WORDS CONVEYING THE VITAL INFO ARE STRESSED (MOST REMAIN UNSTRESSED). I learned that verbs are content words, which means they will be stressed in a sentence. This means they should be louder and have an up-down shape of the voice. LEARNING ABOUT THE PHONETIC SCRIPT WAS SO AWESOME! LIKE A NEW CODE TO CRACK!!!