Which online TEFL course should I do?

When selecting a TEFL course, it is best to narrow your focus to the courses that will give you the best chance to achieve your goals.

What type of employment would you like to undertake?

TEFL qualified teachers are employed in a range of roles. Most notably, teaching children in a school setting, teaching business English at a language center, working as a private tutor, or teaching English online.

Are you set on one type of teaching role or are you open to different types of employment?

Keeping your options open is a good approach, but it isn't for everyone. Understandably, some teachers limit their options to employment in a specific area or to the flexibility of online teaching jobs. If you wish to teach English via a virtual platform, it is advisable to complete a qualification which includes specific certification in teaching English online.

Identifying the type of students that you would like to teach can also impact your course selection. If you have a passion for teaching children, taking a course with a certificate for teaching English to young learners would be preferable. Wish to share your English skills and knowledge with adults? Perhaps a business English qualification will help you to secure the job that you would really like.

For most teachers, a 120-hour TEFL certification course will suit their plans or it might even add a qualification to complement their existing teaching experience. A 120-hour TEFL course is a standard ESL teaching qualification and the foundation for more advanced courses. During the 120-hour course you should learn a range of teaching methods that can be used to teach students of all ages and varying language levels. The 120-hour course will also introduce you to classroom management and the finer points of lesson planning.

Why take a course with more than 120-hours?

To improve your employment and salary options, it may be wise to consider a package of TEFL courses. This is even more relevant to teachers from non-native English speaking backgrounds or new teachers without the experience of some other job applicants. ITTT is the market leader in providing a range of TEFL course packages that allow teachers to obtain further skills, specialized qualifications and increased employment options.

The 170-hour TEFL package adds a specialized course in teaching English online to the skills learned during the standard 120-hour TEFL course.

The 220-hour TEFL Master Package is made up of 3 certificate level courses. A 120-hour TEFL course is taken first, followed by specialized courses and qualifications in teaching English to young learners and teaching business English.

Which qualification is suited to higher-paying positions?

A Diploma in TESOL course or a package of courses that includes a Diploma in TESOL is worth considering if you would like to improve your teaching knowledge, step into a management role, or even start your own language center. TESOL diploma graduates regularly command higher salaries and have a wider range of employment options. The Diploma in TESOL course differs from the standard certificate level TEFL courses that provide everyday teaching skills. Diploma courses delve into student assessment, curriculum writing and adjustment using the knowledge of ESL teaching methods that are learned during certificate level courses.