What's included in the TEFL course cost?

As there are many different providers offering a wide choice of different TEFL courses, there is no straightforward answer to this common question. However, at ITTT we are happy to make it clear from the very start what is and isn’t included in our TEFL course prices. Essentially, everything you need to complete your training and get your TEFL certificate in your hand is covered by the course price you see advertised on our web pages. Unlike some other TEFL course providers, we will never ask you for any more money to cover extra items such as essential resources, exam fees, or certificate costs.

What is included in an online TEFL course?

If you choose the convenience and great value option of an online TEFL certification course from ITTT you will receive everything you need to succeed at no extra cost. Once you have signed up for a course you will receive a unique login number that will provide access to your very own section of our online training portal. Via the portal you will have access to all the materials you will need throughout the training process. These materials can be read directly online or you can download them for easy offline access at any time. This is a great option as it means you can fit in a bit of study whenever you happen to have some free time, whether on the bus going to work or on a lunch break.

As you work your way through the course you will be assessed at regular intervals to make sure you are on the right track. All assessments are included in the course price and can be accessed via the online training portal. Once you have completed all sections of your course we will send you a hard copy of your certificate to wherever in the world you want it. The certificate will be sent via registered post, which is included in the initial course fee. We will also send you a PDF copy of your certificate in case you need it while you are waiting for the original to arrive.

What is included in an in-class TEFL course?

As with our online courses, all the materials you need to successfully complete the course are included in the price. Also included are all the input sessions provided by our teacher trainers and the observed teaching practice sessions that are the cornerstone of this method of study. At the end of the course your TEFL certificate will be sent to your home address, or any other address you specify, at no extra cost. The only expense not included in the course price for an in-class TEFL course is accommodation.

If you do not live within a close proximity to the training center you have chosen, which most people don’t, you will need to arrange suitable accommodation for the duration of your stay. At ITTT we have close ties with many different hotels, guest houses, hostels and other providers in the local areas where we operate, so we can often provide very competitive rates for our trainees. You are also free to make any other arrangements you prefer, the choice is entirely yours.

Are there any extra fees I might need to pay?

The one and only time where you will need to pay any additional fees is if you choose to have your TEFL certificate sent to you using an express delivery service. Your certificate will be sent via registered post which can take a few weeks to arrive, depending on where you are in the world. If you are in a real hurry to receive it or you are not overly confident that your local postal service is up to the job, simply let us know and we will arrange express delivery via DHL. In reality, the vast majority of trainees do not require this service, so the only outlay you will have for your TEFL certification is the price shown on the ITTT website.