What other jobs can I get with a TEFL certificate?

While it is true that the vast majority of newly qualified EFL teachers start out by working in a mainstream job, either online or in a traditional classroom abroad, there are other options out there for those who are looking for something a little different. Some of these options require a certain level of experience, while others are open to anyone regardless of their work history.

The many job options available to TEFL qualified teachers include:

Teaching English in your own country: Your TEFL certificate is valid worldwide, so you can also teach English as a second language in your own country. If there are a lot of non-native speakers, for example, immigrants in your area then this can be a good teaching opportunity.

Volunteer English language teaching: Some volunteering jobs are available which pay a stipend and offer food and accommodation (basically a living wage). This is an excellent way to gain experience which would be very useful for some of the other suggestions given below. You should be aware that some countries do have further requirements for volunteers in terms of work history, references and sometimes additional qualifications.

Other jobs once you have gained some experience

International business: If you have been teaching in another country for a number of years and have become culturally immersed and learned the language, you are in a good position to move into an international business role. With globalization bi-lingual staff are a valuable resource and if you are already in-country you will have an advantage as employment opportunities arise.

Head English language teacher: Moving into a management role is the next obvious step, once you have gained experience. As an administrator you are likely to have fewer teaching hours, which is a bonus for some. You are most likely to be able to head a small department initially, working your way up as you gain further experience.

English language teacher trainer: If you completed an in-class TEFL certification you will know what this job entails, as you will have seen a variety of trainers. Alternatively you may have had a training tutor with your online TEFL course. Typically training companies expect at least three years of varied teaching experience before you would be considered for such a role.

International law: If you already have a degree, a TEFL certificate and some work experience living in a particular country, then this is a realistic option. Your chances of gaining a job within a legal setting are greatly enhanced if you speak two languages. If you speak Spanish and English for example and want to work in Spain (or any other Spanish speaking country) then you could find work in a variety of legal occupations and related services.

Curriculum or course designer: Among the range of transferable skills you will pick up as you become more experienced as a teacher will be those of materials and syllabus design. With knowledge of these topics it is possible to find employment in material and curriculum or course design. As these are fairly specialized roles your experience in a particular area will be most useful, examples being, teaching young learners, teaching business English or teaching online.

ELT administration: If you are intending to move out from classroom teaching altogether, then an ELT administrative position may well be a possibility. If you have some management experience and you have been professionally developing yourself to keep up with the latest educational trends, then administration could be your next move. Schools and colleges in the USA now employ as many (if not more) of these roles as they do teachers, so there are many jobs.