What does TEFL stand for?

The simple answer is that TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. However, the acronym is also commonly used in reference to teacher training courses and the certification successful graduates receive at the end of their training. At ITTT we have been running a variety of TEFL courses for many years and are widely recognised as being at the forefront of TEFL certification.

What do I need to teach English abroad?

Regardless of where you plan to teach around the world, you will probably require what is known as a TEFL certification if you want to be in with a chance of securing a job with a good employer. However, as there are no set guidelines that dictate the contents or standard of these courses it can be hard to decide which specific option is right for your circumstances. Put ‘TEFL course’ into a search engine and it will return a huge number of options that vary greatly in study time and price. So what should you look for when picking an online TEFL course?

How are online TEFL courses categorized?

Typically, TEFL courses are categorized by the average amount of study hours needed to work through them. Courses can be found from as little as 40 hours or even less, although these short-format options are generally only suitable for the volunteer sector. If you are looking for something a bit more long-term that will enable you to earn a good living, it is worth noting that the unofficial global standard expected by most employers is a TEFL course in excess of 100 hours.

Do international employers accept online TEFL certification?

Online training courses have become increasingly popular across all disciplines as they offer a great deal of flexibility and value for money. At ITTT we have developed a range of online TEFL courses that provide a high level of instruction and the flexibility to be taken from any location around the world. As the quality of these courses has increased enormously in recent years, they are now widely welcomed by employers who are looking for qualified teachers to work in classrooms across the globe. Our 120-hour TEFL certification course is particularly popular as it comes with a unique set of videos that add invaluable insight into international EFL teaching.

What will an online TEFL course teach me?

As well as being convenient and great value for money, an online TEFL course also covers a wide range of subjects that will set you up for life in an international teaching environment. You will learn everything you need to feel confident about setting foot in your own classroom for the very first time. By adding a quality TEFL certificate to your portfolio you will have taken the first step on a path to a bright future full of travel and adventure.