What does Level 4 TEFL mean?

We know it can be difficult to sort through the various TEFL certification options available today, but don’t worry, we're here to explain the various levels of TEFL courses to you. The general characteristics of the framework are frequently tied to a variety of elements, including the total amount of hours spent studying, the certification type, if the program contains a practical component, and the form of study (full-time or part-time). A level 4 TEFL course fulfills the standard of having at least 100 hours of coursework, which is highly sought after by most employers in the EFL field worldwide.

What is a level 4 TEFL qualification?

A level 4 TEFL qualification is the equivalent of a freshman-level university course. This level is ideal for finding a long-term TEFL job, whether you want to work online or in classrooms all over the world. Most employers seek teachers with at least a level 4 qualification as these types of courses have at least 100 hours of coursework. A level 4 TEFL course with ITTT will therefore provide you with access to high-quality TEFL jobs anywhere on the globe.

Who is eligible for a level 4 TEFL course?

Now that you have determined that a level 4 will get you your dream teaching job, you can confidently enroll in our level 4 TEFL courses if you meet the requirements below.

The level 4 course can be taken by anyone with a good command of the English language. If you are not a native English speaker, you can still enroll in the course if your English language proficiency is in the upper level. If this applies to you, we recommend taking advantage of our tutor support option. This way, a professional TEFL tutor will assist you with your studies to ensure the successful completion of your course.

What do I get with an ITTT level 4 TEFL course?

At ITTT, we offer only one level 4 TEFL course: the 120-hour online TEFL certificate. This course is perfect for anyone wanting to live and work as an English teacher abroad for a year or even more long-term.

At the end of a level 4 TEFL course, you will be prepared for the world of teaching English as a foreign language, both in classrooms abroad and online. This level certificate has become the minimum standard course that most employers around the world require from their teachers.

You can also select tutor support for this course. This means you will have access to the help of our expert online tutors for the duration of the course. Contact your tutor at any time with any concerns or problems and they will answer your queries within one working day.

You will receive a hard-copy, embossed certificate from ITTT after completing your level 4 TEFL course. This certification is internationally accredited and recognized worldwide. You will also get a PDF version of your certificate, which you can use to apply for teaching openings online.

All ITTT graduates receive complementary post-course job counseling to assist them in finding TEFL teaching positions. This includes assistance with CV/resume and interview preparation, as well as information on how to identify TEFL job openings and how to successfully apply for TEFL positions around the world.