How much is it to do a TEFL course?

Within the TEFL world there is no standardized content or set course length, which allows providers to offer any style of course they want at whatever price they see fit. When choosing the right option to suit you it is best not to simply go for the cheapest one available as it may not be of sufficient quality or depth to satisfy potential employers in the country you wish to work in. Also, cheap courses are unlikely to provide suitable preparation for starting a new career as an EFL teacher. To give yourself the best start to a new life teaching English abroad it is recommended that you consider more than just the initial cost of the TEFL certification course.

What is the cost of an in-class TEFL course?

In-class TEFL courses usually involve 4-weeks of intensive training that comprehensively covers the most important aspects of English language teaching. During the course you will learn about teaching methodologies, lesson planning, classroom management and many other theoretical issues, as well as grammar structures and how best to teach them. Most importantly you will have plenty of opportunity to practice what you have learnt in front of real language learners in a genuine classroom environment. These practical lessons are guided by an experienced teacher trainer who will provide feedback after every lesson. In-class TEFL courses undoubtedly offer the best preparation for new teachers, however, because of their intensive nature they are not the cheapest option. A high-quality in-class course from a reputable provider such as ITTT starts at around $1500 depending on the location.

What is the cost of an online TEFL course?

Although an in-class or combined TEFL course is highly recommended, the overall cost can be an issue for many new teachers. The next best thing is an online TEFL course. Online courses do not include a teaching practice component, but they should still address all the theory components that are covered in the in-class version. It is worth remembering that some individual employers insist on an in-class TEFL certificate, however, there are still plenty of job opportunities around the world for teachers with an online qualification. A 120-hour online TEFL certificate course starts at around $250.

Is an online TEFL course or an in-class TEFL course the best option?

Before you make a decision it is a good idea to research the region where you plan to work as regulations vary greatly. For example, many employers in Western Europe and the Middle East will expect an in-class certificate, while many in Asia and Latin America will be happy with an online certificate. However, as long as you choose an experienced and well respected course provider such as ITTT, you will be in a great position to start teaching English abroad.

How do I pay for my TEFL course?

There are several ways for you to complete your course payment. The quickest and easiest method is to use a credit or debit card. Card transactions are completed via our online payment page which is both secure and hassle-free. We are also happy to accept course payments via Western Union, PayPal, and bank transfer, although this option can take up to seven days to process and may include extra bank charges.

Can someone else pay for my TEFL course?

Yes. If a friend, colleague or family member wishes to pay for your course, simply let us know their name via email once the transaction has been completed.

Do you offer any discounts on TEFL courses?

Yes. We do have regular discounts on many of our courses. Please visit the 'Special Offers' page for information on our current deals. If you have a group of friends or colleagues who are interested in signing-up together, simply email us at [email protected] for details regarding our special group rates.

Do you offer any financial aid for TEFL courses?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer any scholarships or other financial aid for our training courses.

Are there any additional fees at any time during the TEFL course?

No. The course fees that we advertise on our website are inclusive of all materials, as well as other costs such as assessment and certification. You will not be asked for any other payment at any time during your course.

Are there any deadlines for making a TEFL course payment?

We do not have any specific deadlines for online course payments. However, seats on our in-class certification courses cannot be guaranteed until we have received your course deposit. To ensure a course place on the dates of your choice it is advisable to book as early as possible.