How long do TEFL certificates last?

It doesn’t matter whether you choose an in-class TEFL course or an online course, the skills and knowledge gained during an ITTT course will never expire. Successfully completing an ITTT course results in an academic qualification that is valid for life. Trainees of ITTT’s online courses complete regular assessments throughout the course to test their understanding of the course material. A further written summative task is the final task of each course.

What if I haven’t taught in a while?

While your certificate won't expire, it isn't uncommon for teachers to feel the need to improve or refresh their skills. One option is to take a 120-hour online TEFL course to refresh your knowledge. Another option is to take one of our short specialized TEFL courses to extend your skills in a particular area of teaching. There are several ITTT specialized courses available for initial or further study:

  • 60-hour ITTT Course in Teaching English Online (CTEO)
  • 60-hour ITTT Course in Teaching Business English (CTBE)
  • 60-hour ITTT Course in Teaching English to Young Learners (CTEYL)
  • 60-hour ITTT Course in Teaching Grammar and Phonology (CTGP)
  • 50-hour ITTT ELT Course in Academic Planning (CAP)

Check out our full range of specialized TEFL courses.

What if my employer would like the certificate apostilled?

In some countries, employers could ask for a certificate to be apostilled, notarized or legalized in order to meet government requirements. The staff at ITTT have a range of options, information and services to assist graduates with the different requests that they may encounter.

How do I verify an ITTT certificate?

ITTT certificates can be verified via our certificate verification page. Potential employers or government offices can simply enter the number on the page to get instant results.

What if my employer has misplaced my certificate?

If an ITTT certificate is ever misplaced or lost, a replacement certificate and worldwide postage can be purchased through our admin team. That is worth keeping in mind if you regularly change jobs or apply for visas in countries that aren't efficient with the visa process or careful with applicant's documents.

How do I turn my certificate into a diploma?

If TEFL certificate holders would like to obtain an advanced qualification, a Diploma in TESOL course is a great way to extend and advance your knowledge of ESL teaching methods and the wider industry.