How do I become an English teacher overseas?

The high demand for English language teachers worldwide offers English speakers from all walks of life exciting opportunities to live and travel abroad. In most cases, you do not need any prior teaching experience to teach English overseas. Moving to another country to live, work, and travel, on the other hand, will necessitate careful planning and foresight. Good research is also essential to ensuring that you do it correctly.

Is it difficult to teach English in another country?

Teaching English abroad, like any new endeavor, can present challenges, and you will most likely be nervous at first. However, your TEFL certification training will provide you with the skills necessary to lead your own classroom, where you will teach the fundamentals of grammar and conversation, as well as prepare lessons and manage a classroom.

How do I go about becoming an English teacher in another country?

You must meet certain requirements in order to work as an English teacher abroad. While these requirements differ from country to country, having a TEFL certification will qualify you for most English teaching jobs, as this type of certification is highly sought after by employers worldwide.

Enroll in a TEFL certification course and become a TEFL certified teacher

Earning an accredited TEFL certification is essential if you want to learn to teach English overseas. A TEFL or TESOL certificate will provide you with the skills you need to become an effective teacher, and be the qualification you need to find work in thousands of schools and language institutes worldwide.

Furthermore, once you enroll and start your TEFL course, you will begin receiving job support. That being said, it is crucial that you select a TEFL certification course that includes extensive job search assistance. This will allow you to begin working on your job search with a TEFL advisor. ITTT offers extensive job support during and after your TEFL course - and it never expires!

Do I need to decide where to teach before taking a TEFL course?

No, you don’t have to decide where you want to teach before you begin the certification process. In fact, roughly half of our students begin the TEFL certification process unsure of where they will teach. Many people change their minds after receiving job search assistance and learning about teaching opportunities all over the world.

A native English speaker or a fluent English speaker from a non-native English-speaking country who obtains an accredited TEFL certification can work as a professional English teacher in many countries. When researching TEFL certification options and countries for teaching English abroad, there are numerous factors to consider. This includes things like your expected salary, additional benefits like paid airfare and housing, as well as the culture and location of your desired workplace.

Regulations for foreign English teachers also vary from country to country - some are stricter than others. That’s why it’s important to do as much research as possible to find out which location suits you best. Our ITTT course advisors are also here to guide you and help you in making this important decision.

How do I find a teaching job after completing my TEFL course?

You don’t need to wait to complete your course before applying! In fact, we strongly advise you to begin looking for TEFL jobs soon after enrolling in your TEFL course. All ITTT students and graduates receive lifetime job support, helping them to find English teaching jobs all over the world.

When you take a TEFL course, you will receive the support you need to apply and interview for positions in exciting countries from the comfort of your own home. The duration of this process can vary greatly. Allow 3-6 months from the start of your course and the start of your job search to the departure date for your new job.

If you intend to teach in a country where you will be interviewed in person, you should arrive during the main hiring season. Set up interviews with a few schools per day, and you should have a job within a week or two.

If you take an in-class TEFL course in the country where you want to teach, the training staff will help you contact and interview with local schools. Most TEFL graduates find work within a week or two of finishing their course abroad, especially if they apply and interview during a busy hiring season.