Do TEFL jobs pay well?

English is taught as a second language all over the globe. Due to the volume of qualified teachers needed there are many great opportunities with attractive salaries just waiting to be filled in countries worldwide.

Is teaching English considered a skilled job?

TEFL teachers are usually required to have teaching qualifications and are therefore considered to be skilled workers in most areas. As a skilled foreign worker, the base salary enjoyed by a full-time ESL teacher is usually considerably higher than the country’s median wage. Experienced teachers and those with advanced-level teaching qualifications can often further enhance their claims for a higher salary.

Salaries in Asia

Factoring in lifestyle and living costs, countries in Southeast Asia continue to be extremely popular with our TEFL course graduates. An average teaching salary in this region is approximately $1,300 a month. If you would prefer to live and work a little further north, Japan and South Korea have average teaching salaries above $2,000 a month. Experienced teachers in these countries can sometimes earn salaries closer to $3,000. Many of these positions also include a range of extra perks, such as paid accommodation and airfares, which is another reason for their high popularity.

Salaries in Latin America

Salaries in Central and South America are generally aligned with lower living costs in the region, which means you are unlikely to earn as much as you might in Asia or parts of Europe. Public school budgets in some countries don’t always extend to a higher allocation of funds for foreign teachers. To make up the shortfall, ESL teachers in Latin America commonly add a second income stream by tutoring English privately or online. The best paid opportunities for experienced ESL teachers are generally found in private schools, international schools, and universities.

Salaries in Europe

The bulk of ESL teaching positions in European countries are occupied by local non-native English speaking teachers. Salaries vary considerably depending on the role and the country. Foreign teachers in Europe will often encounter higher living costs and stricter visa policies than in many other parts of the world. However, while it might not be for everyone, the charm of Europe still attracts a large number of teachers who value the lifestyle and cultural immersion.

Salaries in the Middle East

Significant tax advantages and the highest teaching salaries can typically be found in many countries across the Middle East region. Salaries of up to $5,000 per month aren’t out of the question for experienced English teachers. In addition to great salaries, many countries in the Middle East have little or no tax to pay on earnings. Many positions will also come with free accommodation and flights in and out of the country.

Salaries for teaching English online

Online school franchises all differ in the types of students that they teach and the salaries that are paid. There are hundreds of online school franchises in operation and a huge demand for qualified teachers. The average online teacher should expect a salary somewhere between $10 - $30 an hour. Higher salaries are most commonly found when teaching English to business professionals or on platforms that allow teachers to set their preferred rate.