Do I need a TEFL certificate to teach English online?

This is going to depend on who you choose to work for. Many online teaching platforms now require teachers to be TEFL certified and a significant number of them simply dismiss unqualified teachers as they assume they lack the skills and knowledge required. However, a TEFL certificate is not a requirement to set up your own online teaching business, although it is safe to say that your future students are going to prefer a teacher who is actually certified.

Why has a TEFL certificate become more important?

In recent years, online education has exploded all across the globe and the demand is through the roof. This has led teaching platforms to tighten the requirements for their teachers in order to set the bar high over their competition. A recognized TEFL certificate is now, more often than not, required in order to secure an online teaching position with many platforms.

Simply put, if you want to work for a reputable platform with a good hourly pay rate, you are more than likely to need a TEFL qualification. Another important factor to consider is that a TEFL course is going to teach you all the skills you need to shine in your virtual classroom, which will ultimately decide if you are going to be a successful online teacher and entice more students to learn English with you.

What will I learn from a TEFL certificate course?

Teaching the English language online requires a whole range of specialist skills and knowledge in order to effectively pass on what you know to the students in your virtual classroom. By completing a high quality TEFL course you will learn essential information regarding the structures of English grammar, such as the tense system, conditionals, modals and passive voice, and how to teach them effectively in an offline and online environment. You will also gain valuable insight into vital teaching skills such as lesson planning, teaching methodologies, and how to manage your students effectively. This range of knowledge will not only help you to secure a good teaching position, but it will also provide your students with the best chance of improving their English language abilities.

Do I need a TEFL certificate to teach English online?

If you would like to earn a good salary by working in a professional teaching environment and you think that your students should have the best opportunity to progress, then we think the answer to this question is definitely YES!