Are online TEFL courses worth it?

Online TEFL courses come in many shapes and sizes and their popularity continues to grow year after year. The convenience of being able to study in your own time from wherever you are in the world is one of the biggest attractions of this form of study, as is the relatively low cost. However, before you make a final decision on which type of course suits you best, it is advisable to have all the facts to hand.

Are online TEFL courses as good as in-class TEFL courses?

The subjects covered in our 120-hour online TEFL course and our in-class TEFL courses are virtually identical. The one area that clearly separates the two versions is observed teaching practice (OTP). Our in-class courses include extensive time in a real classroom where you can practice your teaching skills under the guidance of experienced trainers. As a consequence, in-class courses are generally held in a higher regard by employers. While we would recommend the in-class course as the ideal preparation for teaching English abroad, our online courses are still a great alternative for those who lack the sufficient time or funds to complete a four-week residential course.

If I choose an online TEFL course, will I still be issued a full TEFL certificate?

Yes. If you complete our 120-hour online certification course you will receive an internationally recognized TEFL qualification that will open the door to thousands of potential jobs in countries all over the world. However, as the widely accepted international standard for TEFL certification dictates that trainees must complete a minimum of 100 hours of study, short format courses do not result in full certification.

Who accredits the online TEFL course certificates?

Our range of online courses are accredited by the Paris College of International Education (PCIE). All of our online certification courses have been thoroughly vetted by the PCIE and have successfully met all the criteria necessary to achieve full accreditation.

How will I receive the online TEFL course study materials?

ll the materials you need to complete our online courses are accessed via our online training system. The materials are in PDF format and can be printed off if you wish.

How will I be assessed during an online TEFL course?

The online courses are divided into units that each conclude with a short multi-choice test. You do not need to achieve a specific score in each unit; however, you do need to achieve an average of 75% across all the units to reach the required pass rate. Once you have worked through the units you will then submit an essay for assessment. Once you have completed all the units and your essay has been assessed, you will graduate from the course and receive your certification.

How quickly can I finish an online TEFL course?

All our online courses have a maximum time limit of six months (with the exception of the Diploma course which has a twelve month limit), within which you are free to work at any pace you prefer. On average most students are able to finish the 120-hour course within 8 weeks. However, if you are in a real hurry, it can be completed in as little as ten days.

How will I receive my online TEFL certification and how long will it take?

All online certificates are sent via registered post upon successful completion of all aspects of the course. Each certificate comes with a cover letter and a unique ID number that employers can use to check its authenticity. Your certificate will be posted within five working days and you should allow two to three weeks for delivery. If you are in a hurry, we can provide a scanned PDF copy via email, as well as an express delivery option via DHL. This service takes three to four days and has a flat rate of $50 regardless of destination.

Do online TEFL certificates say 'online' on them?

No, our certificates do not indicate that they were completed online. All our courses result in a specific certification that states the number of study hours involved but not the method of study.

Are online TEFL courses valid?

When it comes to the validity of an individual course it is not really the method of study that is the main issue, it is the overall quality of the course itself. Whether you complete your TEFL training online or via an in-class course is in many ways unimportant. What is really important is the quality of the training that leads to the TEFL qualification awarded. Essentially, the validity of a TEFL qualification is based on the standard of the course and not the method of study.

What should a good TEFL course include?

A good quality TEFL course should include a number of essential topics relating to the theory of language teaching, teaching methodology, classroom management techniques, as well as a range of grammar subjects. However, as it is almost impossible to judge an individual course by its syllabus alone, how can you decide which courses are the best?

What does TEFL course accreditation mean?

One important thing you can do to check the quality of an online TEFL course is to find out if it is accredited. This simply means that an independent body has evaluated the course and concluded that it is worthy of their accreditation. By visiting the website of a course provider you should easily be able to find any accreditation they have been awarded. Of course, unscrupulous providers can advertise accreditation that they don't actually possess or simply make up an accreditation body, so it is a good idea to do some research into any accreditation advertised if you are unsure of its authenticity.

What else can I do to check the quality of an online TEFL course?

Another simple yet effective thing you can do is to research the reputation of any course you are interested in. Online searches for the course and its provider should bring up reviews and opinions from individuals who have completed the course. If the majority is less than favorable then it is probably best avoided, while mainly positive feedback should indicate that the course is indeed valid. As an online TEFL course represents a considerable financial investment in your future, whether you plan to have a long career within the teaching profession or you simply want to earn some spending money during a gap year, it is clearly a good idea to do some research before you part with your hard-earned cash. A bit of time spent on research should ensure you pick a valid course that will get you the job that you want, when you want it.

Are ITTT's online TEFL courses valid?

At ITTT we are equally as proud of our online TEFL courses as we are of our in-class version. Crucially, our courses are fully accredited and we are also affiliated with a number of important bodies within the world of English language teaching. For further information please visit our accreditations and affiliations page. We are also proud of the positive feedback that we receive from the many thousands of graduates who have completed our courses. Why not visit our TEFL graduates testimonial page to see what they have to say about their course experience?

What is the combined TEFL course?

The combined TEFL course incorporates both the convenience of an online course and the practical experience of in-class training. You begin the course by completing 120 hours of online study. You then attend a training center where you will be guided through an extensive program of teaching practice.

Is the combined TEFL course as good as the 4-week in-class TEFL course?

Yes. The combined course covers all the same content as the full in-class course. However, if you are not comfortable with the idea of distance learning or would prefer more interaction with your tutors and other trainees, then the in-class TEFL course might be the better option.

If I choose the combined TEFL course, will I still receive a full TEFL certificate?

Yes. If you complete the combined course you will be issued with the exact same certificate as those who complete the 4-week, in-class training course.

How does the online section of the combined TEFL course work?

The online section consists of 20 individual units that cover a wide variety of important subjects such as teaching methodology, grammar awareness, and lesson planning. At the end of each unit you will complete a short assessment before moving on to the next section. After completing all 20 units you must submit a lesson plan for assessment by a tutor.

How will I receive the combined TEFL course materials?

Everything you need to complete the online section of the course can be accessed via our online training system. You are also free to download and print the materials if you wish. Further materials will be provided on arrival at your chosen in-class training center.

Do I have to finish the online section before I attend the in-class section?

Yes. The online section must be completed before you can start your teaching practice.

Where can I complete the in-class section of the combined TEFL course?

The in-class section can be completed at a variety of international training centers. Our centers in Phuket, Barcelona, and Rome, offer the training over a two week period (Monday to Friday, with weekends off). At our Paris and New York centers the course is completed in a slightly different format over eight days. There are also five day options available at over a dozen different centers across North America.

What are my accommodation options and how much do they cost?

Accommodation for the in-class section of the combined course varies depending on which location you choose to attend. For a guide to the options available and their cost, please click on the individual pages for the training location of your choice.

How long will I have to complete the entire combined TEFL course?

In total you are given up to ten months to complete the combined course. The online section can be completed at your own pace in any period of up to six months. Once completed, you will have a further four months to start your in-class training.

How will I receive my TEFL certification and how long will it take?

Most graduates receive their certificates via registered post, with the exception of those who attend our Phuket location where the certificate is presented at the end of the course. Delivery can take up to two or three weeks, so we also offer an express option via DHL. Express delivery takes three to four days and is charged at a flat rate of $50, regardless of the delivery address.

What are specialized TEFL courses?

We offer two specialized courses that provide a higher level of knowledge and qualifications for teachers who are already TEFL certified. Our Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners (CTEYL) and Certificate in Teaching Business English (CTBE) are completed online. The completion of these qualifications will greatly enhance your CV/resume.

Can I take a specialized TEFL course without prior TEFL certification?

As our specialized courses are designed to build on the topics covered in a standard TEFL certification course, prior certification is usually required. Exceptions might be made if you have extensive experience in English language teaching. However, if you are not TEFL certified, we are currently offering our CTEYL or CTBE course for free when you sign up for our 120-hour TEFL certification course with tutor support.

How will I receive the specialized TEFL course study materials?

Everything you need to complete a specialized course is provided via our online training system.

How are the specialized TEFL courses assessed?

Both courses are divided into six individual units. Once you have worked through the materials for each unit your understanding will be assessed via a short online test. On completion of all six units and their corresponding tests, you then submit an essay for assessment. Once all sections are complete you will receive your CTEYL or CTBE certification.

How quickly can I finish the specialized TEFL courses?

Both courses have a maximum time limit of six months. The average completion time is between three and five weeks, although it is theoretically possible to complete either course in as little as one week.

What is the TESOL Diploma course?

Our TESOL Diploma is an advanced online course that is aimed at practicing ESL teachers who are looking to increase their knowledge and qualifications. By completing this research based course you will be in a position to apply for jobs that offer greater responsibility and an increased salary.

Can I take the TESOL Diploma course without prior TEFL certification?

As the course is of an advanced level and has been designed to build on the subjects covered in a standard TEFL certification course, prior TEFL certification is usually required. Exceptions might be made for practicing teachers who have extensive experience in an English language classroom. However, if you sign-up for the Diploma course now, we are currently offering our 120-hour online TEFL certification course for free.

Does the TESOL Diploma course come with tutor support?

You can choose to take the Diploma course either with or without the support of an online tutor. Our online tutors are highly experienced teacher trainers who are available to answer your questions and to offer tips and advice for improving your understanding of the course topics. If you are unfamiliar with distance learning and higher levels of academic study, then we strongly recommend you consider the tutored version of the course. Taking the course without a tutor requires a significant amount of independent motivation and academic aptitude.

How will I receive the TESOL Diploma course study materials?

The course is completed entirely online and all necessary materials are accessed via our online training system. Bear in mind that the Diploma course requires a large amount of independent research through the internet and other media.

How is the TESOL Diploma course assessed?

The course is broken down into 12 separate modules. The first step is to work through modules 1 to 6 which are then followed by a test based on the subjects covered up to that point. Next you work through modules 7 to 11 which are also followed by a test. Finally, for module 12 you will need to produce a research project. Once you have successfully completed both tests and the research project, you will receive your TESOL Diploma certification.

How quickly can I finish the TESOL Diploma course?

You are given a maximum of twelve months to finish all aspects of the course. If you are in a particular hurry it is theoretically possible to finish the course in as little as one month, although the average completion time is somewhere between eight and ten months.