Which TEFL courses are accredited?

As learning the English language continues to rise in popularity all over the world so too does the number of course providers offering TEFL certification. Unfortunately for potential trainees there is little regulation governing TEFL course providers which makes it hard to distinguish between the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. The good news is there is something you can do to check the quality of a course. If the course is accredited by an independent body then it is fair to assume that it is of a reasonable standard. Essentially, an accrediting body is an independent third party who conducts a thorough review of the course provider's academic and professional standards, and if satisfied they provide their accreditation.

How can I tell if a TEFL course is accredited?

When researching potential courses you should look out for any accreditation banners on the provider's website. These should be easy to spot as they will be keen to let you know that their courses are accredited. Although most accreditations you come across will be genuine, it is still wise to check out any that you are not sure about as it is easy for a provider to simply set up their own accrediting body that isn't actually recognized within the TEFL world or by international employers.

How else can I check the validity of a TEFL course?

Although accreditation by respected teaching organizations is a good indicator of the quality of an individual course, you should also do some research into what people have to say about their experience of completing the course. An online search should provide some answers via forums and blogs. If a course is accredited and the feedback from previous trainees is generally positive then you should find that the course will provide you with the training and certification you need to confidently start your new teaching career.

Are ITTT TEFL courses accredited?

At ITTT we are proud to be accredited by and affiliated to some of the most highly respected organizations within the TEFL world. Full details can be found by visiting our accreditations and affiliations page. You can also take a look at what our many graduates have to say about our courses via our TEFL testimonials page.

Which TEFL courses are accredited?