What are specialized TEFL courses?

At ITTT we offer three specialized courses that are designed to provide a higher level of knowledge and qualifications for teachers who are already TEFL certified. Our Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners (CTEYL), Certificate in Teaching Business English (CTBE), and Certificate in Teaching English Online (CTEO) are all completed 100% online. The addition of one or more of these qualifications will greatly enhance your CV/resume and make you more desirable to employers worldwide.

Can I take a specialized TEFL course without prior TEFL certification?

As our specialized courses are designed to build on the topics covered in a standard TEFL certification course, prior certification is usually required. Exceptions might be made if you have extensive experience in English language teaching. However, if you are not TEFL certified, we are currently offering our CTEYL or CTBE course for free when you sign up for our 120-hour TEFL certification course with tutor support.

How will I receive the specialized TEFL course study materials?

Everything you need to complete a specialized course is provided via our online training system.

How are the specialized TEFL courses assessed?

All our specialized courses are divided into six individual units. Once you have worked through the materials for each unit, your understanding will be assessed via a short online test. On completion of all six units and their corresponding tests, you then submit a final summative task for assessment. Once all sections are complete you will receive your CTEYL, CTBE, or CTEO certification.

How quickly can I finish the specialized TEFL courses?

The specialized courses have a maximum time limit of six months. The average completion time is between three and five weeks, although it is theoretically possible to complete these courses in as little as one week.

What are specialized TEFL courses?