How much does a TEFL course cost?

As there is no standard content or fixed length required for a TEFL certification course, individual providers are free to design their own courses and set whatever fees they see fit. The best advice is not to choose a course simply because it is the cheapest one available. Yes, you can find TEFL courses on discount websites for as little US$49 but will they be accepted by employers in the region that you want to work in? And will they properly prepare you for life in a real classroom? If you want to ensure that the answer to these questions is YES then you should look a little deeper than just the price.

What is the cost of an in-class TEFL course?

In-class TEFL courses usually involve 4-weeks of intensive training that comprehensively covers the most important aspects of English language teaching. During the course you will learn about teaching methodologies, lesson planning, classroom management and many other theoretical issues, as well as grammar structures and how best to teach them. Most importantly you will have plenty of opportunity to practice what you have learned in front of real language learners in a genuine classroom environment. These practical lessons are guided by an experienced teacher trainer who will provide feedback after every lesson. In-class TEFL courses undoubtedly offer the best preparation for new teachers, however, because of their intensive nature they are not the cheapest option. A high-quality in-class course from a reputable provider such as ITTT starts at around $1500 depending on the location.

For a full list of our worldwide in-class TEFL course training centers and the relevant fee for each option take a look at our Course Locations Page.

What is the cost of a combined TEFL course?

If you don't have a full month to spare to attend an in-class TEFL course, but still want all the benefits that come from face-to-face instruction, you should consider our combined TEFL course. This popular option comes in two separate parts, the first of which is completed online. During this part of the course you will cover all the theory of EFL teaching from the comfort of your own home. You also get to choose when and how much you study, which means you can fit everything around your existing commitments. Once you have successfully completed the online section, you can then choose where and when to attend the onsite part of the course.

For the second part of the course you will attend one of our training centers where you will receive extra in-person instruction from our professional teacher trainers and get to practice what you have learned in a real EFL classroom. The cost of the combined course is similar to an in-class course, although the attendance is less than half the amount of time so you will save plenty on accommodation and living costs.

For full details of available training locations and course fees visit our Combined TEFL Course Page.

What is the cost of an online TEFL course?

Although an in-class or combined TEFL course is highly recommended, the overall cost can be an issue for many new teachers. The next best thing is an online TEFL course. Online courses do not include a teaching practice component, but they should still address all the theory components that are covered in the in-class version. It is worth remembering that some individual employers insist on an in-class TEFL certificate, however, there are still plenty of job opportunities around the world for teachers with an online qualification. A 120-hour online TEFL certificate course starts at around $250.


What is the cost of a specialized TEFL course?

Once you have completed your initial TEFL certification course, whether in-class, combined, or online, you might want to consider adding additional qualifications to your CV/resume as they will widen your appeal to employers and give you the potential to earn a higher salary. Our range of specialized courses are extremely popular as they focus on the three most common areas of specialized teaching, teaching young learners, teaching business English, and teaching English online. These 50-hour training options offer exceptional convenience and value for money as they are completed entirely online and start at only $175.


For details of our specialized course options and the relevant fees take a look at our Specialized TEFL Course Page.

What is the cost of an advanced TEFL course?

If you want to gain an advanced qualification that will open up even more employment options at a higher level, we recommend our Diploma in TESOL. This course is completed entirely online and involves more in the way of personal research than our other courses. The diploma is a 250-hour course and it starts at $499.


For details of our advanced course options and fees, visit our Diploma in TESOL Page.

Have you considered a multi-course package?

One of the most cost effective ways to gain an advantage when applying for EFL teaching jobs worldwide is to complete a package of relevant courses that build on one another. ITTT offers four different course bundles that will ensure you are ready to start teaching from day one, with complete confidence in your knowledge and skills. Our 170-hour bundle is the perfect way to get TEFL certified if you want to teach English online, while our Master, Professional, and Expert Packages provide varying levels of general teacher training.

For all the details of our course packages, take a look at our Online Course Bundles Page.

Don't forget our great special offers!

In order to provide the very best value for money we have a range of special offers on our most popular TEFL courses. Currently we are giving away a free specialized course when you sign up for the tutored version of the 120-hour course, the 170-hour TEFL course with online specialization, the Master Package, or the Professional Package. You can choose a free specialized course or the advanced Diploma in TESOL when you enrol on an in-class TEFL course. Or you can claim a free 120-hour online course by joining our Diploma in TESOL. We also provide generous course discounts when more than one person signs up for one of our courses at the same time.

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