Should I get TEFL certification online?

Opting for online TEFL certification has become the most popular choice among our trainees worldwide. When asked about their reasons for selecting an online course, trainees provide a variety of responses. However, one common advantage cited by many is the convenience of being able to complete the training from any location of their choice. With an internet connection, you can study at home, during work breaks, or while traveling. Another major benefit of online learning is the high degree of flexibility it offers. ITTT's online TEFL courses have no fixed study timetable and no mandatory online sessions; you have the autonomy to determine when and how much you study. The schedule is entirely under your control.

For comprehensive information on all our online course options, please refer to our online TEFL courses page.

Online tutor support

Another highly appreciated feature of our online TEFL courses is the inclusion of access to an online tutor. Should you encounter challenges with any aspect of the course, whether it's related to the course procedure, course materials, online assessments, or any other aspect of your studies, you can reach out to your tutor via email. They will promptly provide you with the answers and assistance you need to get back on track.

Since there is no fixed timetable for any of our courses, you have the freedom to set your own pace. Most of our online TEFL courses come with a maximum time limit of six months to ensure that the early sections of the course remain fresh in your memory by the time you reach the end. The advanced Diploma in TESOL, on the other hand, allows up to one year for completion.

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120-hour TEFL/TESOL Online Course from ITTT

TEFL course videos

Many of our online TEFL course options offer a valuable resource in the form of informative videos. These videos are presented by our team of professional teacher trainers and cover a wide range of essential topics related to teaching the English language. When you enroll in our 120-hour TEFL course, you will gain access to a library of videos that delve into grammar topics, including the tense system and parts of speech. Additionally, you will find videos that focus on teaching skills, such as classroom management and lesson planning. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to observe real EFL lessons conducted in an ITTT classroom.

If you are considering a career in teaching English online, either now or in the future, we recommend our 170-hour TEFL certification course with online specialization.

Optional teaching practice

Our online TEFL courses now offer a valuable opportunity for real teaching practice, allowing you to gain practical experience before embarking on your first teaching job. The best part is that these practice sessions are entirely free and can be completed without the need to attend an ITTT training center.

When you choose to take advantage of this optional teaching practice, you will have two distinct paths to choose from based on your personal circumstances and preferences:

  • Find a school or language center (either in-class or online) and conduct your teaching lessons there. The institution will provide confirmation that you have successfully completed the lessons, and your documents will be submitted to us for verification.
  • Arrange your own student or students and independently teach the lessons, either in-person or online. You will need to record a one-hour session and submit it to us along with your documentation for verification.

If you are seeking an advanced qualification to further enhance your teaching prospects, consider our Diploma in TESOL. This program is designed to provide you with a comprehensive skill set to excel in the field of English language teaching.

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Lifetime job support service

Another valuable feature of our online TEFL courses is the inclusion of ongoing job support services for all course graduates throughout their teaching careers. This means you can reach out to us for job market support as long as you remain active in the English language teaching field. Our comprehensive job support services include:

  • Access to our extensive database of potential employers.
  • Exclusive leads on unadvertised teaching positions.
  • Guidance and assistance with crafting a high-quality CV/resume.
  • Expert advice on writing effective cover letters.
  • Support with interview preparation and guidance for planning trial lessons.
  • Assistance in reviewing job contracts.
  • Access to our vast database of downloadable teaching materials and lesson plans.

For those seeking cost-effective options, we also offer multi-course TEFL package deals that provide even greater value.

220-hour TEFL/TESOL Master Package from ITTT

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