How do I get TEFL certification?

The choice between different TEFL course formats depends on your teaching plans and preferences:

  • Online TEFL Course: If you intend to teach in your home country or have not yet decided on a location, an online TEFL course can be an excellent starting point. It offers flexibility and convenience in obtaining your certification.
  • In-Class TEFL Course: If you already have a specific teaching destination in mind, it is often best to travel to that location or a nearby one to complete an in-class TEFL course. This approach allows you to immerse yourself in the local environment, network with potential employers, and be well-prepared to start teaching as soon as your course is finished.
  • Combined TEFL Course: The combined TEFL course option encompasses both online and in-person components. You begin with the theory of teaching online and then conclude the course with a short visit to a training center. During your in-person stay, you round off your studies and gain invaluable teaching practice experience.

Each of these options has its advantages and is suited to different teaching goals and circumstances. Consider your own situation and aspirations when choosing the most suitable TEFL course format for you.

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How does an online TEFL course work?

Upon receiving your course fee, we will promptly send you an email containing all the necessary information to commence your TEFL studies. This email will include your personal login details for our online training platform. Once you access the platform, you will find all the materials required to start with the first unit of the course.

As you progress through the materials and feel you have sufficiently absorbed the information, you can proceed to take an automated online test based on the content covered in that particular unit. These tests consist of short, multiple-choice assessments designed to evaluate your comprehension before moving on to the next part of the course.

To successfully complete the course, you will need to attain a minimum grade of 75% across all the unit tests collectively. After working through all the course units (20 units for our popular 120-hour course), you will then be required to undertake a summative task to finalize your training. This summative task involves writing a brief thesis on a suitable subject of your choice from a list of suggestions provided. Once your summative task is approved by your tutor, you will successfully complete the course and receive your TEFL certificate.

Visit our online TEFL course page for full details on all our online course options.

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How does an in-class TEFL course work?

We offer in-class training centers in numerous highly sought-after teaching destinations around the world, including:

  • Argentina
  • Costa Rica
  • France
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Thailand

Our in-class TEFL courses typically span a four-week period, and most centers offer a new course starting each month. We recommend arriving a day or two early if possible to allow yourself time to become familiar with your surroundings and settle into your chosen accommodation before the course officially begins.

During the course, you will engage in theory sessions for the first few days, covering various aspects of teaching English as a foreign language. Subsequently, you will commence your teaching practice, where you will design and deliver complete EFL lessons to actual students in a real English language classroom. After each teaching session, you will receive a comprehensive assessment of your performance, including constructive feedback to enhance your lesson planning and delivery for the next practice session.

Other components of the course include:

  • Working with an individual student: You will assess their specific needs and then conduct a one-to-one lesson.
  • Creating homemade teaching materials: You will learn how to develop materials that can be utilized in your classroom.
  • A foreign language experience: This aspect puts you in the shoes of your future students, giving you firsthand insight into language learning from a student's perspective.

Throughout the course, your performance will be assessed across all sections. Additionally, there will be two written assessments, covering English grammar and phonology, to evaluate your understanding of these essential components of teaching English.

Visit our in-class TEFL course page for full details of all our in-class TEFL course locations.

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How does a combined TEFL course work?

Our combined TEFL certification option blends elements of both online and in-class training methods to provide a flexible and comprehensive learning experience:

  • Online Training: You begin your TEFL journey by covering the theoretical aspects of teaching English through our online training platform. This part of the course can be completed from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, with full support from an online tutor.
  • In-Class Training: After successfully completing all the online units, you can then reserve your spot at one of our international training centers to finish your TEFL course through in-person training.

The in-class section of the combined TEFL course can be completed within an eight-day period at two of our training centers, providing you with a well-rounded and practical teaching experience:

  • New York City, USA
  • Paris, France

Or it can be taken over ten days at four of our training centers:

  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Phuket, Thailand
  • Rome, Italy

During the in-class section of the combined TEFL course, you will participate in input sessions conducted by our experienced teacher trainers and gain hands-on teaching practice with real English language learners. As the combined course covers all the same subjects and practical components as a traditional in-class course, successful completion leads to the exact same TEFL certification.

Visit our combined TEFL course page for full details of all our combined TEFL course locations.

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How will I receive my TEFL certification?

Regardless of the method you choose for your TEFL training, once you have completed every section of your course, you will receive your certification via registered post. Simultaneously, we will also send you an electronic copy of your certificate, which can be useful while you await the arrival of the original. Each certificate package includes a cover letter detailing your results and a unique ID number, allowing potential employers to verify its authenticity.

Depending on your location, certificate delivery can take up to three weeks, although many recipients receive their certificates much sooner. However, if you are in urgent need of your original certificate and require expedited delivery, we offer express delivery via DHL for a flat fee of $50, which is available anywhere in the world. This option ensures swift receipt of your TEFL certificate.

What's the difference between online courses, in-class courses and combined courses?

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