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A teacher should pay enough attention to correct pronunciation. Especially on such aspects as intonation (variation of pitch and volume in each sentence). Techniques for indicating and teaching intonation include nonsense words, humming/singing, using gestures or a board. The second aspect of pronunciation is the stress. In the sentence, the stressed word bears the principal emphasis. Techniques for indicating and teaching stress include choral work, gestures, contrastive stress, stress marks or using a board. In addition, a teacher should acquaint his/her students with a phonemic alphabet. Places of articulation are responsible for sound producing. They include velar, palatal, alveolar, palatal-alveolar, dental, lebio-dental, glottal, bilabial. Manner of articulation depends on the type of the sound; it might be plosive, fricative, nasal, lateral, affricative, approximant. Teaching techniques for the pronunciation of the sounds include visuals, teacher's mouth, peer dictation, phonemes and tongue twisters.