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In this unit, I learned how much thought goes into choosing vocabulary to teach in a classroom. For example, a teacher must think about certain factors such as similarity to the student's language, similarity to the English that has already been taught, spelling and pronunciation as well as appropriateness. With this some guidelines to make it easier are to think about how appropriate it is to the students and to the task; the frequency and coverage; as well as the teachability of the words which will depend on the language level of the classroom. When teaching a new word, it is important for students to understand the meaning of a word, its use, word grammar, interaction with other words, as well as spelling and pronunciation. In order to help a student understand new vocabulary a teacher must facilitate activities for the engage, study and activate stages of a lesson. When introducing new words, a teacher can mime or use pictures to engage the students in the lesson. Once Engaged, the teacher will then introduce worksheets to allow the students time to study the new material. Finally the activate stage will give the students opportunity to utilize the new words they have just learned with their fellow classmates. Once vocabulary is understood, then it is important to move on to grammatical structure. With this, it is important for a student to understand the meaning, use, forms and patterns, as well as the spoken and written form of a specific structure. Once this is understood through engaging, studying and activation, then the student must know language function. This includes areas such as inviting,r refusing, agreeing, disagreeing, suggestion and other similar areas. When teaching function, it is important to understand which situations render the appropriate form of speech -- formal, informal, tentative and technical to name a few. The Boomerang lesson type works best to understand this part of the lesson. It is important to keep all of this in mind for every new lesson plan that introduces new material. This way eliminates risk of losing the class to confusion and keeps everyone on the same page.