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This unit discussed the tense system, including; form, usages, typical student errors, and activate stage teaching ideas. Present simple was the first tense covered. The affirmative, negative, question, and third-person singular form was discussed. The usages and example sentences were included, as well as typical mistakes and errors. The present continuous tense was covered next. The forms were positive, negative, and regular/contracted question form. The usages and examples were given as well as common errors/mistakes. Activate stage teaching ideas were given for developing situations and actions in progress. Present perfect form and present perfect continuous form were then covered. The form, usages, common mistakes/errors and activate stage teaching ideas were also given for each. This unit was particularly challenging for me. I understand each tense and how to write and use it correctly due to my background as a native English speaker. We learnt these things from a young age, though understanding what each of the four present tenses was and differentiation/categorizing them was quite a challenge.