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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

Unit 10 presents two lesson videos on ESA demonstrating. Both videos demonstrate two kinds of lessons. One lesson (video one) is being taught ineffectively, showing all the wrong ways in teaching a class to foreign students. In this video you see a teacher who doesn't, introduce himself or engage with the students before the start of the lesson. Immediately there is no clear indication of what the lesson is about. He simply says that they are talking about what is necessary and what isn't necessary. He then moves to things that are/are not acceptable. Throughout the first video, students are clearly intimidated, confused, and don't try to participate due to the disorganization and ineffective teachings from the teacher. It's also shown that the teacher can be rather rude, disregarding them, calls them losers in the game, and checks his phone. Also when during the study phase, the teacher doesn't bother to see if the students understand the work they have been given, he gives them a time limit and lets them work on it by themselves. Overall, video one demonstrated all the wrong things to do as an English teacher. In video 2, we get a better demonstration on how to effectively teach students. The teacher says hello and introduces himself and learns the students names. Although he didn't exactly tell them what they were going to learn about, he led them towards a direction. Throughout the lesson the professor makes sure that everyone is engaged in the lesson, he calls on students but with respect, and students give him positive feedback. Students in this video are more calm, less nervous and are willing to participate compared to the first video. Lastly, in the second video, the teacher is with them every step of the way making sure they understand the lesson and giving them hint while not just spoon feeding answers. These videos were great because it gives a realistic environment of how classes should and shouldn't be. You learn from the mistakes that the teacher gives to ensure you do not make the same. I overall enjoyed this unit.