Advice vs Advise | Ask Linda! | English Grammar


These words are often confused due to their similar spellings. Let's take a closer look: "Advice" spelled with a C is a noun and describes a proposal for an appropriate course of action. Example: Please give us some advice about planning a trip to France. "Advise" spelled with an S is a verb and describes the action of giving advice or offering a suggestion. I advised them to visit the Pyramids of Giza when they are in Egypt. Therefore, we use "advice" as a noun and "advise" as a verb. That's it for today. See you next time!

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Test and evaluation is the process by which a system or component are compared against requirements and specification through testing. The result are evoluated to assess progress of design,performance,supportability etc. It is often appropriate to give test at different stages in a course at the start students maybe given a placements test to assist the information.In this unit, i learnt the different past tenses forms and their structures in which they are formed. I also learnt their different usages and mistakes students make when trying to form sentences with the past tenses. I learnt activities that could be used at the activate stage to help students reduce the errors made when making sentences with any of the past tenses.