Pronunciation and Phonology in the EFL Classroom - Consonants and Vowels


This video is part of our series on pronunciation and phonology in the EFL classroom and focuses on consonants and vowels in the phonemic alphabet. Looking at the phonemic alphabet table, we notice that the consonants shown in the front of the chart are produced in the front of the mouth, while the ones at the end of the chart, are used in the back of the mouth.

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Resourceful lesson that introduces classes with various tools and ways how to deal with them. It's good to think of these topics in advance and also have some materials ready or at least know where to look for them. In this view, it offers many different links, sorted based on their usage, that lead to many different materials, mostly still up to date and working.Within this unit, I could learn different typologies of managing classroom, how to arrange physically a classroom according to the needs of the students and how to ensure the discipline within a class. It has been particularly helpful because I learnt different methodologies for maintaining the discipline within a class and this will always be useful in my career.