Where should I teach English in China?

If you would like to take advantage of the huge demand for teachers and the generous salaries available in China, the first thing to do is decide on a location. The big two cities of Beijing and Shanghai both have unlimited potential for TEFL qualified teachers, however, there are also 150 other cities with a population of over one million that you might want to consider.

Should I teach English in Shanghai?

With a population of well over 20 million people, Shanghai is truly one of the world’s most awesome cities. Potential employers of TEFL qualified teachers are countless, with business related English being particularly sought after. Due to the widespread availability of jobs and the competitive salaries on offer, Shanghai is now one of the most popular teaching hotspots in the whole of Asia. Throughout the city you will find large numbers of expat workers from far and wide who have all helped to make it a cosmopolitan place to live and work. For many teachers the fast-paced lifestyle of Shanghai makes it an exciting option, while others might find it to be somewhat overwhelming. Whatever your opinion of the city, there is no denying that Shanghai will continue to be one of the premier locations for EFL teachers for many years to come.

Should I teach English in Beijing?

China’s capital city is almost as big as Shanghai and teaching jobs are just as easy to find. The vast number of private language schools in the city means that first-time teachers should have no problem finding a suitable position, while more experienced teachers will also have the option of public schools, universities, and private businesses. Beijing is also the home of Standard Mandarin, China’s official language, which makes it popular with teachers who want to learn the language during their stay in the country. In fact, many employers in the city actually include local language lessons as part of the overall package they offer their new employees.

Should I teach English in Shenzhen?

20 years ago Shenzhen was just a small market town, but it has since grown into a large city with a population of over 10 million people. Located in the south of the country, just a short ferry ride from Hong Kong, the city is popular with visitors due to the warm climate and lively nightlife. It has also seen a rapid rise in popularity among foreign teachers in recent years. The local job market is very healthy with a wide choice of options and good average salaries. Teachers can typically choose between local schools, language academies, kindergartens, and international schools.

Should I teach English in Chengdu?

Chengdu is located in Sichuan province which is famous the worldover for its spicy cuisine. The population of this popular destination is around 10 million people, although it still manages to maintain a more laid back approach to life than cities such as Shanghai and Beijing. Another popular attraction of Chengdu is the fact that it is a much more affordable place to live than the big cities on the east coast, which makes saving money an easier proposition. As well as its spicy food, the Sichuan region is well known as the home of most of the world's remaining giant panda population. By choosing this city, wildlife enthusiasts will have plenty of opportunities to spend time among these unique animals.

Should I teach English in Nanjing?

Known as one of the four ancient capitals of China, Nanjing is an important cultural center that is conveniently located within easy reach of Shanghai. Visitors to the city and its surrounding areas will find many historic buildings and monuments, as well as plenty of parks, gardens, scenic lakes, and rugged mountains to enjoy. Teaching jobs are not quite as abundant in Nanjing as they are in some other big cities, but there are still enough to all but guarantee employment for any TEFL qualified teacher who chooses it as their destination. The cost of living is also relatively low in comparison to some other areas, which means your salary will go that much further.

Should I teach English in Hangzhou?

Hangzhou is another popular teaching location that is conveniently situated close to Shanghai. Famous for its natural beauty, Hangzhou is a modern and prosperous city that is home to many historic and cultural attractions. The UNESCO World Heritage Site, West Lake, is the most popular attraction in the area as it provides a perfect location for exploring the local culture and for relaxing in peaceful, relaxed surroundings. TEFL qualified teachers will find a buoyant job market that offers well paid jobs in a pleasant and picturesque environment.

Should I teach English in Guilin?

If you are a fan of outdoor adventures, you are sure to love Guilin as it offers a wide choice of pursuits such as hiking, biking, and climbing. The local climate is warm and inviting and excellent transport links make it an ideal base for exploring further afield across China. The city itself is relatively small by Chinese standards, but there is still a healthy job market and the competition for the best positions is likely to be less than many other areas.

Should I teach English in Kunming?

Known as ‘Spring City’ due to its pleasant year-round climate, Kunming is an important regional hub that is popular with national and international tourists alike. On the outskirts of the city you will find vast areas of amazing scenery, while the city itself has many cultural attractions to enjoy. Visitors to Kunming can also take advantage of the city’s modern and vibrant entertainment scene that caters to a wide spectrum of tastes. One reason why this area is popular with many foreign teachers is that it offers a more authentic Chinese experience that you will not find in cities such as Shanghai and Beijing.

Should I teach English in Harbin?

Located in the far northeastern corner of China, Harbin offers a unique destination for teaching English abroad. Known as the 'Ice City' due to its cold and snowy winters, it attracts thousands of visitors every year who come to enjoy the world famous ice and snow sculpture festival that takes over the city. However, Harbin is not all about the chilly winters, it also has a small town feel that makes it a pleasant place to live and work year-round. Like many Chinese cities on this list, Harbin has a thriving expat community that consists of people from all corners of the world.

Where should I teach English in China?