What will happen if I don’t see out my TEFL contract?

The bottom line is that teaching English abroad is a job the same as any other and if things go wrong, and it is not the life you hoped it to be, you are free to move back home or head off to another job with another employer.

What causes some teachers to cancel their TEFL contract?

Most people who teach English overseas have few problems and happily see out the length of their initial contract. However, there will always be a small percentage of teachers who have to break their contract for one reason or another. Common issues that can cause a breach of contract include a family emergency, problems with work colleagues, poor working conditions, or the job simply not being as promised during the initial recruitment process.

Will canceling a TEFL contract cause any problems for the teacher?

This will depend on your individual job. Anyone who is paid an hourly rate is unlikely to have any repercussions if they choose to leave before their contract is up. This is a common occurrence in many parts of Latin America and Europe in particular as many teachers work without an official permit so have little obligation to their employer. In contrast, if you have signed a proper contract that included any extra benefits such as subsidized housing, paid airfares, holiday pay, or health insurance, there might be some issues if you decide to leave before it expires.

What are the possible consequences of canceling a TEFL contract?

If you choose to break a teaching contract that included travel expenses such as paid airfares, you will probably be expected to reimburse the employer for some or all of the amount depending on how far into the job you are. Quitting your job unexpectedly also means your work visa will be instantly revoked in many cases. To avoid any unpleasant hassle it is best to get all your affairs in order before you hand in your notice. Whatever the reason for your early departure, it is always advisable to act professionally and to leave on good terms if possible.

What will happen if I don’t see out my TEFL contract?