What TEFL course should I take to teach English online?

The demand for TEFL qualified teachers in both traditional classrooms and virtual classrooms continues to grow at a rapid rate all over the world. If you would like to take advantage of this huge demand we offer certification courses that will equip you to work in either of these unique environments. Our courses are open to any English speaker regardless of their previous academic or working background. Once your course is complete you will be in a great position to apply for online or in-class teaching jobs at home or overseas.

50-hr Course in Teaching English Online (CTEO)

This short-format course has been specifically designed to follow on from a standard TEFL training course and to give you all the unique skills and knowledge you need to become a successful online English teacher. Upon completion you will not only receive your course certification, but also access to our large network of online teaching course graduates who have gone on to work for a wide range of employers within the online teaching world.

CTEO Course Units

  • Unit 1: Course Introduction
  • Unit 2: Equipment
  • Unit 3: Working Options
  • Unit 4: Teachers and Learners
  • Unit 5: Social Media
  • Unit 6: The Online Teaching World

As a short-format training course the CTEO is broken down into six units of study that each conclude with an automated online assessment before you move onto the next section. To successfully complete the course you will need to achieve an average score of 75% across all the unit tests and then submit a final summative task for evaluation. From the day you start the first unit you will have up to six months to complete all the course components, although most trainees are able to finish much quicker than than maximum allowed.

For full details go to our 50-hr Course in Teaching English Online (CTEO)

170-hr Course in Teaching English as a Foreign Language with Online Specialization

If teaching English online is something you are interested in but you have yet to complete a standard TEFL certification course, you should take a close look at our 170-hour Teaching English as a Foreign Language course with Online Specialization. The major benefit of this course option is that you will learn everything required to apply for TEFL jobs in both online and in-class settings which greatly enhances your employment potential. The first part of the course is our standard 120-hour online TEFL certification course which covers all the main topics of EFL teaching. Once complete, you then move onto the second section which is a 50-hour course focused entirely on the world of online teaching.

It is necessary to complete the 120-hour TEFL certification course first as it provides all the basic building blocks that a new EFL teacher needs in any workplace. Then by adding the 50-hour CTEO course to your portfolio you will be well placed to impress potential employers in all environments. Upon completion of both courses you have the choice of one 170-hour certificate that covers both parts of the course, or two individual certificates.

For full details go to our 170-hr course in Teaching English as a Foreign Language with online specialization.