What is the cost of an online TEFL course and how can I pay?

Our range of online TEFL courses vary in complexity which means they also vary in their length of study and individual course price. However, no matter which of our courses you choose to study, you are guaranteed to receive the very best quality materials and service, as well as excellent value for money.

What methods can I use to pay for my online TEFL course?

To ensure we offer a convenient and smooth service we are happy to accept course payment via a wide range of options. A credit or debit card transaction is the quickest and easiest method. Simply enter your details on our secure online payment page and you will be on the road to TEFL certification in an instant. Alternatively, you can make your payment via Western Union, PayPal, or bank transfer. Unlike payments using a credit or debit card these methods can take up to a week to process and they might also include a handling fee from the bank or service provider you use.

Can someone else make the online TEFL course payment for me?

Absolutely. If your place of work, friend or family member wishes to pay for your online TEFL course they can do so without any hassle. Simply ask them to make the payment and then inform us of their details by email so we can match the payment to your name.

Are there any discounts available for online TEFL courses?

It is well worth checking out our special offers page before you make a payment as it regularly includes special deals and discounts on individual course options. We can also offer further discounts for large groups of friends or work colleagues who want to take their TEFL courses at the same time. Simply email us at [email protected] for full details of our extra group discounts.

Can I get financial aid for an online TEFL course?

At the current time we are not able to offer any scholarships or other financial aid for our online TEFL courses.

Will I have any additional costs during my online TEFL course?

No. We never have any hidden fees or additional charges associated with our online TEFL courses. The course fee you see on the website is all you will need to pay as it includes all materials, assessment and certification. The one and only exception is if you choose to have your course certificate sent to you via express delivery rather than the standard registered delivery that is included in the course price.