What do TEFL teachers earn in China?

The economy in China is growing at a rapid rate and there are currently hundreds of millions of people learning English, which goes some way to explaining why it is the single biggest employer of TEFL qualified teachers in the world. Because of the strong demand for teachers in many areas, schools are forced to offer generous salaries in order to attract teachers to their door. The salary you can expect to earn will vary depending on the location, but you should have little trouble saving a good chunk of your earnings no matter where you choose to work. The average monthly salary for teachers with no previous experience ranges from 6000 RMB to 12000 RMB ($1000 to $2000).

Will I get any extra benefits when teaching English in China?

On top of a good salary, many teachers in China will also receive a few extra bonuses such as free accommodation and paid airfares in and out of the country. When you add a relatively low cost of living to a good salary and these extra perks, it is clear why most TEFL teachers working in China are able to save a considerable percentage of their income each month. Depending on your lifestyle, you could realistically save anywhere from $500 to $1000 per month.

What do I need to teach English in China?

Until quite recently it was relatively common for schools to hire foreign visitors to teach their students simply because they were native English speakers. However, things have changed drastically in recent times and it is now mandatory for all teachers to possess a degree (in any subject) and a TEFL certificate. As these are official requirements in order to apply for a work visa, there is essentially no way to work legally as a teacher in China without them.

How do I get a good English teaching job in China?

One of the benefits of choosing China as a TEFL destination is that the large number of vacancies means you can often pick the right job to suit you from a range of options. You should first do plenty of research to narrow down the areas where you would like to live and work and you can then apply to as many job adverts as you can find. Once you have interviewed for the ones that reply you can then pick the one that best suits your plans. As China is such a vast country with many diverse regions, there should be an ideal location for almost anyone.

Can I earn extra money by private tutoring in China?

As there is a big demand for private English lessons, many teachers take advantage of the situation in order to add some extra income to their regular salary. It is common across the country for parents to provide extra lessons for their children outside of school hours, which means there should be plenty of opportunities for TEFL teachers to earn a bit extra no matter where they are in China. For many this means just a few additional hours a week, although some who are willing to work especially hard are even able to double their income.

What do TEFL teachers earn in China?