Should I take an online TESOL Diploma course?

Once you are TEFL/TESOL certified you might want to consider taking an advanced level training course to further increase your teaching knowledge and to open up a wider range of potential job prospects. The online TESOL Diploma course has been specifically designed to do just that and it is seen by many employers as a sign of a teacher’s dedication and commitment to their career.

Do I need TEFL/TESOL certification to take an online TESOL Diploma?

As an advanced level training course, the online Diploma follows on from the areas covered in a standard TEFL/TESOL certification course. Because of this, it is necessary to already possess a standard qualification before undertaking this higher grade of study. If you have yet to complete an initial course and would also like to complete this advanced course, ITTT currently offers the 120-hour online TEFL/TESOL certification course for free when you join our TESOL Diploma course.

Will I get tutor support with my online TESOL Diploma course?

At ITTT we offer the choice of a tutored or non-tutored version and it is entirely your decision on which option you take. If you are unfamiliar with distance learning and have little experience of advanced academic study, we would highly recommend taking the course with a tutor as they will always be on hand to help you with any aspect of the course that you might have difficulties with. A tutor can also be a great help with this course as it involves a significant amount of research, self-motivation and academic aptitude.

How do I access my online TESOL Diploma materials?

As you would expect from an online course, all the materials for the TESOL Diploma are available over the internet through our online training system. Although we supply all the essential materials required, it is worth noting that you will also need to undertake a large amount of independent research both online and via other media sources.

How will my progress on the online TESOL Diploma be assessed?

The course is broken down into 12 separate modules. As you work through each of the modules you will complete a multiple choice test based on the subjects covered in that module. Your tests are marked immediately and you will receive the score in your course control panel. You need to score an average of 75% over the eleven module tests. Finally, for module 12 you will produce a research project. Once you have successfully completed the tests and the research project, you will receive your TESOL Diploma certification.

How long will it take to complete the online TESOL Diploma course?

This is entirely down to how much time you have to commit to your studies. If you have few other commitments and you are in a real rush to get certified, it is possible to complete the whole course within a month. However, for most trainees a realistic time frame is six to eight months. Once you start the first module you will have a maximum of one year to complete all aspects of the TESOL Diploma course.