Should I take an online TEFL course?

The medium of online study is booming in all subjects worldwide and TEFL training is no different. We currently offer a wide range of online training options and we regularly add new courses to ensure we provide the right online TEFL certification to suit all situations.

Is an online TEFL course equal to an in-class course?

Our standard 120-hour online TEFL certification course is highly rated as it covers largely the same theoretical subjects as our 4-week residential TEFL course. The one obvious difference between the two courses is the observed teaching practice (OTP) that is included in the in-class version. Due to this practical teaching practice, in-class TEFL courses are seen by some employers as more beneficial. However, many schools actually prefer to provide their own practical training to new teachers to suit their own approach to learning. The bottom line is that some employers will give preference to people with practical experience and others are just as happy to employ teachers who have earned a good quality online TEFL certification.

Does an online TEFL course include a full TEFL certificate?

Yes. By completing our 120-hour online TEFL certification course you will receive a full, internationally recognized TEFL certificate that is welcomed by a wide variety of employers in all corners of the world. Other courses that we offer such as the advanced TESOL Diploma and specialized courses in teaching young learners, teaching business English, and teaching English online are all similarly recognized around the world.

Are online TEFL course certificates accredited?

Our range of online courses are accredited by the Paris College of International Education (PCIE). All of our online certification courses have been thoroughly vetted by the PCIE and have successfully met all the criteria necessary to achieve full accreditation.

How do I access my online TEFL course materials?

Every one of our online training courses is accessed via your personal section of our online training system. Here you can access the course materials for online viewing or you can download them and print them off for offline studying.

How will my progress on the online TEFL course be assessed?

Our online TEFL courses are all based around a number of individual study units that each have a short automated test at the end. Once you complete the test for one unit you then move on and work through the next unit. Rather than requiring a specific score for individual units, you need to achieve an aggregate score of at least 75% once you have completed all the end of unit tests. Each course is then completed by submitting a final summative task for assessment by an online tutor. As long as the 75% pass rate is reached and your final task is acceptable, you will be issued with your course certification.

How long will it take to complete my online TEFL course?

This will vary depending on the course you choose and how much time you have to commit to your studies. Our 50-hour specialized courses can theoretically be completed in around a week if you are in a real hurry, although the average is typically in the region of four weeks. Our standard 120-hour TEFL course averages around eight weeks for most trainees or ten to 14 days for those who choose to rush through at a fast pace. The advanced 250-hour TESOL Diploma is obviously the most time consuming course option at around six months on average. These times are simply a guide as you will have up to six months to complete our online courses, or one year if you choose the Diploma course.

How will my online TEFL certification be issued and how long will it take?

Whichever online course you choose, upon graduation you will receive your certificate via registered post. Along with the certification, you will also receive a cover letter and a unique ID number that allows potential employers to check that your qualification is an authentic ITTT certificate. Once you have completed your course we will send out your certificate within five working days and on average it should arrive within two to three weeks of postage. While you wait for the original copy to arrive we are more than happy to supply you with a scanned PDF copy via email if you require it. We can also provide an express delivery service that ensures delivery of the original certificate within three to four days at a flat rate of $50, regardless of the destination.

Will my TEFL certificate say 'online' on it?

No, the certificates we issue for our distance learning courses do not mention that they were completed online. Each individual course has its own specific certification that states the number of study hours required but not the study method.