Is there a strong demand for TEFL qualified teachers?

Yes. In many parts of the world TEFL qualified teachers are in high demand at any time of the year. In fact, in some countries the demand for teachers far outweighs the number of people applying for jobs so it is common to have your pick of the available positions.

Can TEFL qualified teachers work in English speaking countries?

Although a large percentage of TEFL qualified teachers choose to head overseas to find work, many others take a training course with the intention of staying on to teach in their own country. In native English speaking countries such as Australia, Canada, the UK, and the USA, steady levels of immigration means there are always opportunities for EFL teachers. However, any vacant positions will generally have strong competition and the pay is typically not high in comparison to the cost of living. Because of these factors, most newly qualified teachers will need to look further afield to land their first teaching role.

Is there a strong demand for TEFL qualified teachers in China?

Thanks to its huge population and an unstoppable drive towards expansion, China offers a seemingly endless number of options for TEFL qualified teachers. A large amount of jobs are available year-round in most major towns and cities, although recent policy changes mean that you need a degree in order to qualify for a work permit. While this new policy has been set by the government and is enforced in the two biggest cities, Beijing and Shanghai, elsewhere you might find there is a less rigorous approach as schools are often desperate to fill vacant positions.

Is there a strong demand for TEFL qualified teachers elsewhere in Asia?

While China is the undoubted world number one in terms of job numbers, several other Asian countries are also great destinations for teaching English abroad. Highly developed countries such as Japan, South Korea and Taiwan offer plenty of opportunities with good salaries and comfortable working conditions, although competition for the best positions can often be strong. Southeast Asia is also a popular choice as many countries in the region offer a laidback lifestyle and a low cost of living. The most popular options here are Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Is there a strong demand for TEFL qualified teachers in Europe?

Europe has had a strong demand for TEFL qualified teachers for many years and this is unlikely to change anytime soon. Traditionally, countries such as Italy, France and Spain have been the main attraction, although these have become so popular that jobs in the most sought after areas are often strongly contested. Because of this, Central and Eastern European countries have become increasingly popular with teachers. In countries such as the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary the demand has jumped considerably in recent years, particularly in the major cities. Another major bonus of these options is the cost of living which is significantly lower than much of Western Europe.

Is there a strong demand for TEFL qualified teachers in Latin America?

Many parts of Central and South America have a strong draw for TEFL qualified teachers thanks to the large number of jobs on offer. Another major attraction of the region is that few employers require any previous experience or qualifications, other than a standard TEFL certificate. Countries such as Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, and Mexico all have a well tested market for teachers, while others including Colombia, Ecuador and Peru have growing markets that are well worth a look.